Sherley Brownrigg

Social Media Assistant, Media Team
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I come from a family of five where Mom and Dad, now separated, had the pleasure of raising three wonderful kids; I am the infamous middle child with an older sister and a younger brother. Mom and I have a great relationship and I consider my siblings to be a couple of my best friends – they make me laugh like no one else can.

Growing up, Sunday was always “Family Day” in the Vo household. We went to Mass every week as a family, and our faith life also consisted of monthly retreats and prayer meetings. I really enjoyed going to Mass, and to these other events, because it meant we could spend time as a family. I lived most of my faith life doing what pleased my parents and God. I knew that God loved me, but I kept Him at a distance; only allowing Him into some parts of my life, and shutting Him out of the areas I felt were not perfect. I strove, on my own efforts and strength, to fix these areas, only letting Him in when I felt like things were in order and presentable. This attempt at perfection left me feeling exhausted and empty.

It wasn’t until my third year of university that my understanding of God’s love for me changed. While taking CCO’s Discovery faith study, I learned about God’s personal love for me in the person of Jesus Christ – as my Lord and Saviour – and His desire to have a relationship with me. The invitation to put Christ at the centre of my life made me realize that there’s nothing I could do on my own to earn the love that God already offers me, simply because I am His beloved daughter. Having Christ at the centre of my life has completely changed my life. I live with so much joy and freedom. My love for Christ has given me the desire to learn more about His Church, and the Catholic Faith has become so alive and beautiful to me. The more I grow in my relationship with Jesus, the more I find myself falling in love with His Church. Yet, it is in sharing our Faith that I’ve found the greatest joy.

I’ve been a campus missionary at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, since 2015, and have become the Team Leader. I both direct other missionaries, and reach out to students and guide them into an encounter with our Lord Jesus – helping them grow in their relationship with Him. I have the privilege of walking with these students and forming them into Catholic leaders on campus and future leaders of the Church.

A highlight of being a campus missionary is being able to share the Gospel to university students, and see their desire to know and encounter the Lord in a deep and personal way. When students come to know Christ, and want to live their lives for Him, I am reminded again and again of how God longs for His children to come back to Him. It really is a celebration of the return of a dear family member who has been away; as Jesus tells us in the parable of the lost sheep:

“Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’” (Luke 15:6)

Every year, CCO’s Rise Up Conference is attended by hundreds of university students all across Canada. The first Rise Up I attended was in 2012. Surrounded by people my age who were excited about our Faith and so in love with our Lord, I was overwhelmed, yet attracted to their zeal. It was here that my love for our Catholic Faith came alive and the first time I made the commitment to fully put Christ at the centre of my life. Lives are changed each year at Rise Up and by the end of the conference, staff and students not only feel encouraged, but eager to get involved and share our Faith – leading faith studies on campus, inviting friends to join CCO, and go on a mission, just to name a few.

Being on staff has taught me to faithfully put my trust in our Lord’s goodness and providence. God has shown me great joy in answering His call for me to follow my growing missionary desire to bring others to Christ. Each encounter with a student has served as a reminder that God wants to use me to build His Kingdom, and that I have a role to play in these students’ lives and their journey with God.


  • For the students on our campuses throughout Canada, that they may have the opportunity to hear and accept the saving message of the Gospel
  • For our missionaries and student leaders to continue to deepen their relationship with Jesus, and to have the courage to share His love with others