Storm Gould

Campus Missionary, Dalhousie University
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I am one of 4 children, I have 3 sisters and one niece. For most of my life I had been looking for happiness and fulfillment in all the wrong places, I often became sad and unconvinced that I had anything to look forward to in life. I had always been Catholic, I had received all of the Sacraments, and occasionally attended Church with my parents. Although I had been exposed to the Church growing up, I never really knew much about my faith, nor did I have anyone in my life that was relatable or into their faith. I went on believing my faith was merely a hobby, and that God probably didn’t exist (at least until I needed him).

This all changed when I met my girlfriend, and saw someone relatable who lived their life with a different sort of joy than I had ever seen. I soon encountered CCO at Saint Mary’s University, where I began my authentic search for answers to questions I had neglected searching for: Did God exist? Did he truly care for me? What was my purpose?

After taking the discovery faith study and meeting all the students involved with CCO in Halifax, I knew I had found my answers. I knew God existed and knew that he could be relevant in my life. I also discovered God’s rich and boundless mercy for the first time in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and decided to make the commitment to put Christ at the centre of my life. I thought I would lose my freedom, and all the possibilities of fun, but I was immensely wrong. My life has changed more this past year and a half than I could have ever imagined. God can truly work the most amazing miracles with the smallest faith.

Having joined CCO staff, I am a campus missionary at St. Mary’s University and Dalhousie University, and I get to lead and walk with students on their faith journey.

As a student involved with CCO, I used to lead a group of younger students through the Discovery study. I watched them all grow during the study as they discovered God’s deep, personal, and proven love. But, it was a fellow student’s transformation from someone who merely knew their faith, to someone who was living their faith, that impacted me the most. This student not only became a visible leader on campus, but also a close friend.

Summit is one my favourite CCO events. I experienced my own conversion at Summit and have seen countless other students experience Christ’s love, having their own personal encounter with Him for the first time. The event offers the opportunity to hear a fellow student’s witness, a reflection, as well as spending an hour with the Lord in adoration. It is just such a jam-packed evening that can be a turning point for any student, I know it is for me every time I attend.

I can say that I have grown through support raising and through my discernment for CCO staff by letting go of my worldly desires and trusting in the Lord more and more.


Pray for the students I will be ministering to and for my continued docility to the Holy Spirit.

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