Tanya Rodgerson

National Recruitment and Talent Manager, Human Resources
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I belong to a wonderful, wholesome, and hard working family. My parents, Eugene & Hilda, came from Belgium as children, and they met and married here in Canada. Eventually, they settled into farming life near Woodstock, Ontario. Being the youngest in my family, I’ve always looked to the example of my 3 older sibling’s to:

  1. Learn how to have fun.
  2. Learn how to stay out of trouble.
  3. Learn how to be a good person.

Despite having attended religious education classes through my childhood, faith really didn’t have a real role in my life until high school. A friend persistently invited me to my church youth group, and after 3 years, I decided to give it a try. The loving witness of the youth leaders, and the steadfast sharing of the Gospel, tilled the soil of my heart to receive God’s love. It was on a retreat in Niagara Falls that I first experienced God’s love in a deeply personal way. Although the fine details are blurry, I recall the significant loneliness I had experienced in my teen years being completely obliterated by the love of God. I knew I was loved unconditionally, and I wanted to love God back, to the best of my ability. I immediately wanted to tell people about how much Jesus loved them!

CCO’s Human Resource team is committed to taking care of our missionaries, so that our missionaries can reach students. As the Recruitment & Talent Manager, I help people navigate their CCO career, whether it’s discerning a call to become a CCO missionary, helping them grow in their position, or a move to a new placement. I love journeying with people and helping them meet and exceed their potential!


Please pray for all those who are considering a call to become a CCO missionary, and for all our missionaries – that we’d all be ministering out of the gifts and talents God has uniquely entrusted to us.