Tim Killoran

Campus Leader, University of Winnipeg
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I am married to a wonderful woman, Janine, and we have two beautiful kids: Gianna, who was born in 2012, and Isaiah, who was born in 2014. There are ten people in my family, while there are six in Janine’s. I have five sisters and two brothers, and she has three older brothers.

My relationship with Christ came alive when I encountered him in a personal way. I was at a retreat and I felt like he was loving me for me. The things that I cared about, he cared about, the things that I loved, he loved. I mattered to him and I felt loved by him. Years later, I encountered him again in a big way. I was struggling with a certain sin and through the Sacrament of Confession, I encountered His freedom and mercy in a profound way. From then on, I wanted to tell other people about the freedom and love I encountered in my relationship with Jesus!

Being on staff with CCO, I am the Donations Manager for the Finance team. A particular highlight of being a missionary is having seen a student I met with, and led on campus, be filled with the Holy Spirit. It was amazing to see how his actions, words, and life changed when he encountered the Holy Spirit. You could see him come alive and get excited about his faith!

A lot of people I work with and know have experienced God in the basic Gospel message through our faith studies. They have acknowledged their sins before God, and have encountered His mercy and love over them. Some of my friends have come back to Confession, after a long time away, while at Summit – they experienced Jesus there.

I feel like I am in a constant state of learning and growing being on staff. There is a challenge to pray every day, to do work with excellence, to be professional, to manage time well, and to grow in relationship with Christ. We celebrate when people grow, but we know we can always learn and try to do a certain thing better or more efficiently. I enjoy being challenged because then I know that I am expanding and growing.


  • For my family; our health and walk with Jesus. Where God is calling us and that we have the courage to follow him.
  • For those who don’t know Jesus, or don’t know him well enough.
  • For all of our supporters and benefactors.
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