Tim Mok

Campus Missionary, University of British Columbia
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I was seven years old when my parents converted to the Catholic faith. From then, I was raised as a Catholic. For most of my life however, I was distant from Jesus. I saw Him only as a judge, someone I needed to impress to receive the reward of heaven. And in my mind, I thought I was good enough.

During my time in university, I was challenged by a friend to truly accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. He helped me understand that God was not my judge, but my friend. I began to understand how much He loved me, and desired for me to be with Him forever. For two years, I struggled to place Jesus in the centre of my life. I was giving parts of my life to Jesus. But, surrendering completely, I could not do. I wanted control of my life, I thought I needed it to be happy. But in the end I was not happy – I felt emptier than ever. While I was in Ottawa for CCO’s Rise Up conference, Jesus spoke deep into my broken heart, “I still love you.” Those words broke me, and brought me back to life. In that moment, I finally welcomed Christ fully, to be the centre of my life. And from that moment, I’ve lived my life to be with Him. Each day, I experience the love, joy, and true freedom that only Christ can give.

Since joining staff with CCO, I have been a campus missionary at the University of Calgary. At the heart of my role in CCO is my desire to bring people to Jesus. There is nothing greater that I can give than the gift of Christ’s love that was given to me. Day after day, I see a world that has turned away from God’s love. But, I know that the Gospel changes lives. Encountering Jesus changed my life, transformed me. I’ve seen the love of Christ transform my friends and my family. Through each person I encounter in my ministry, I see each of them being missionary disciples who will share the Good News of Christ in their lives. This is going to change the world!


Please pray for me, that I may daily give my life over to Jesus. And, for all who are far from God to be brought close to His mercy and love.

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