Trevor Anzai

Campus Missionary, Concordia University
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My family comes from Ottawa. My father has an entrepreneurial spirit and is a businessman. My mother has been the head coach for a family-run swim team in the city. I am the oldest of four siblings. My brother Kenton is doing quite well for an engineering firm in Ottawa. While he is taller, he is still my younger brother. My sister Emily is studying at Guelph and is a talented competitive swimmer. She recently captured bronze at the 2017 University Nationals competition! My youngest sister is Andrea. She is studying at Algonquin College for veterinary technician studies. She also has the most beautiful singing voice in the family.

One day, in my second semester at university, I approached a CCO table to learn more about my faith. I was curious. I wanted to know what it means to be Catholic. My experience of the faith growing up revolved around going to Mass on Sundays. That was it. Nothing more, nothing less.

The missionaries with CCO on my campus helped lead me through a faith study. I discovered that the faith is all about having a personal relationship with Christ. I was invited to make a commitment to live for Jesus. Later one evening, I took a step in faith. I made a conscious, adult decision to put Christ at the centre of my life. I experienced a personal, loving relationship with God! My life changed for the better. Before I knew Christ, I thought that God was like a butler who would supply me with whatever I asked for. It was more about what God could do for me, and only in times of need. I didn’t feel like I was in need of God every day. Now I see God as a trustworthy friend, a consoling companion, and a faithful Father. I see it now as having a loving, personal relationship. It’s a two-way street!

My role this year is to help with the men’s ministry at Concordia University, in Montréal. I am very delighted to help the movement and reach more souls in Québec!

There have been many inspiring moments and highlights from the past year. We have been blessed to see much fruit from our ministry at Carleton University. I served at Carleton University before coming to work at Concordia University. It’s one thing to help bring someone to Jesus. It’s another thing altogether to train a student on how to bring their peers closer to Christ!

We had many student leaders help our ministry at Carleton University by taking the initiative to lead a faith study. It is through faith studies that our students hear the Gospel message: Jesus Christ repaired a broken relationship with God caused by sin. They respond by giving their ‘Yes’ to his free gift of salvation. We saw many souls come back to God. Each and every encounter was very inspiring. We then had key students train their friends on how to lead a faith study! Realizing that evangelization on its own is not enough, it was encouraging to see students step up and become multiplying leaders. Seeing their zeal for mission on campus certainly increased mine!


Please pray for our four-person team at Concordia University, that we may be faithful to the work entrusted to us.

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