Trevor Anzai

Team Member, Communications
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One day in my second semester at university, I approached a CCO table to learn more about my faith. I was curious. I wanted to know what it meant to be Catholic. I had several experiences in my life that led me looking for truth, love, and beauty. As I could not find ultimate fulfilment and satisfaction in my previous pursuits, I thought I would give faith a shot. Would it provide for the longing my heart so desired?

My experience of the faith growing up revolved around going to Mass on Sundays. That was it. Nothing more, nothing less. Faith was impersonal. But going to university, I decided to explore it and test it for myself.

The missionaries with CCO helped lead me through a faith study. I discovered that the faith is all about having a personal relationship with Christ. I was invited to make a commitment to live for Jesus. Later one evening, I took a step in faith. I made a conscious, adult decision to put Christ at the centre of my life. I experienced a personal, loving relationship with God! My life changed for the better. Before I knew Christ, I thought that God was like a butler who would supply me with whatever I asked for. It was more about what God could do for me, and only in times of need. I didn’t feel like I was in need of God every day. Now I see God as a trustworthy friend, a consoling companion, and a faithful Father. I see it now as having a loving, personal relationship. It’s a two-way street!

My role this year is to serve at Concordia University in Montréal, for a second term. I am very delighted to help the movement and reach more souls in Québec!

There have been many inspiring moments and highlights from my ministry. We have been blessed to see God work wonders in Montreal.

I had a particularly challenging year, but God used what I had to offer. In Montreal, my highlight was leading a small-group faith study with four men. It is through the faith studies that young men and women can hear the gospel clearly and simply proclaimed to them. Jesus Christ has bridged the gap caused by sin, restoring our relationship with God. In the faith studies we invite students to give their ‘Yes’ to the free gift of salvation offered to them. In that particular faith study, three of those men gave their ‘Yes’!

Now, one of them is consistently going back to mass and is sharing his insights of scripture with his friends. Another went to confession for the first time in over 10 years and has made a habit of going every month. Not only that, but the other student wants to become Catholic and will be taking RCIA classes next year to become baptized!

There is great faith in Montreal, we can attest to it through what is happening on campus.


Please pray for James, Elias, Tochi, and Steve. These are all men involved in our ministry that have potential to be great leaders for God.

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