Trevor Anzai

Team Member, Communications
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My relationship with Christ grew throughout my time at university when I was searching for life’s meaning and purpose. I was looking for truth, happiness, and love, which I did not find in my athletic and academic achievements. I sought out a group on campus to take a Catholic faith study so I could explore these deeper questions and that is when I met CCO.

It was through a faith study that I learned that God loves us personally and that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. I learned that we could experience a loving relationship with God through his son Jesus. Over the next few years I gave God more room in my life. One day I decided to step out in faith and place Jesus at the center of my life. I felt that I would find my true meaning and purpose in that decision. Looking back since that moment, I can say that I found the ultimate truth, happiness, and love in a life-giving relationship with God. I came to understand my identity as a beloved son, one who is unconditionally loved by God the Father.

I worked with CCO for the past 4 years on campus, both at Carleton University in Ottawa and Concordia University in Montreal. My passion is leadership and evangelization: that young men and women would encounter the love Jesus wishes to offer them. After careful discernment, I transitioned into National Headquarters for a role in Communications. I am now serving as a store coordinator. Our role in the office is to support the campus ministries so they can thrive in the mission of evangelization.

The work we do is exhilarating because we witness to God’s love in a tangible way. When I was in Montreal, we had many students involved in our ministry. Several of our students grew in their relationship with God by receiving the sacrament of reconciliation. Other students took on leadership by going on mission trips across the world and many began to pray everyday.

One key highlight from my time in Montreal was seeing the growth in one particular young man named Elias. He was seeking to find God and a community of friends at university. One day I met him on campus and we had an instant connection. He was open to take a faith study and that semester we met once a week in a small group. We talked about God’s personal love, the effect of our sins, and Christ’s divinity. He learned that Jesus died for our sins so we could get back to God. The result of sin was a raging river of death and separation, only to be restored by the death and resurrection of Jesus on the cross. In a way, the cross was like a bridge for humanity to journey back to God. Elias was open to receive God’s unconditional and free love because of this knowledge of what Christ did for him. Later in the study, Elias boldly placed Christ at the center of his life and committed to daily prayer.

Elias would later become baptized and confirmed into the Catholic Church, lead his fellow peers in a faith study, and then participate in a foreign mission project. I had the privilege of journeying with this man and seeing his growth in holiness and mission. I also have the honour of being his Godfather. Elias was just one of the many highlights from Montreal, stories of real people whose lives have been changed by God.


Please pray for the conversion of Quebec. Please pray specifically for Elias, Austin, Antua, Alexandra, and Ophelia who will be leading the Concordia University Catholic Student Association this academic year. That they would be empowered by the Holy Spirit in their efforts of evangelization.