Missions FAQ


How long after I submit my application will it take before I find out that I am accepted?

We are not able to give an answer until we have received two completed references for you. Once we have both your references it can be anywhere from one day to a few weeks before you know if you are accepted. It will take longer to receive an answer during the month of December and the weeks surrounding the application deadline in February.

If I am accepted to participate in a mission project, what do I need to do first?

If you are accepted, you will be sent an email with mission forms that need to be signed right away. After this you will also need to submit your non-refundable deposit to secure you spot on mission.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit will be between $300-500, depending on the location and cost of the mission.

Can I fundraise the cost of my deposit?

Yes, if you receive one or several donations to cover the cost of the deposit they can be submitted for that purpose, keeping in mind that your spot on the mission is not secure until you submit the deposit.

How do I pay for a CCO mission?

The cost of a mission can be covered through personal payments, donations, or any combination of the two. Upon acceptance you will receive a payment timeline and are expected to meet financial deadlines at checkpoints leading up to the beginning of the mission project. You are welcome to pay for the mission out of your own funds but we do encourage fundraising and provide tools to be able to do so.

Can I be refunded for personal payments?

No. However, if you have a surplus of funds after mission, those excess funds can be used to reimburse mission related expenses. This expenses could include things like transportation to the orientation city, vaccines, materials for thank you cards, etc.

I am not a student, can I participate in a CCO mission?

Non-students are allowed to apply for CCO mission trips. However, since our organization’s primary work is with university students, students will have priority in trip placements. As well, as our missions are for university-aged young adults, applicants under the age of 30 will be considered.