“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news”

Romans 10:15


You are made for adventure.

CCO Missions exist to bring Jesus to the nations. Through a CCO Mission you will learn how to proclaim the kerygma while also growing in your own relationship with Jesus. Mission is a life changing experience, but we need your yes.

“And how are they to hear without someone to proclaim him? And how are they to proclaim him unless they are sent?” (Romans 10: 14 – 15) 

Why you should go on mission

How has Jesus changed your life?

When we encounter Jesus, our lives are completely transformed. How can we not share him with others? Missions provide us with the opportunity to do just this – to bring Jesus to those who need him the most. 

What are you scared of?

St. Francis Xavier, a patron of missions, was scared that people would miss the opportunity to encounter Jesus. His biggest prayer was that young adults “…would cry outwith all their heart: Lord, I am here! What do you want me to do? Send me anywhere you like – even to India.”

Will you help build brick-by-brick, the city of God inside the city of man?

God's providence brought me to meet a high school friend who I hadn’t seen in 4 years, while on mission. We met at a random parish during a random service that he rarely went to while I was doing outreach… We had a good spiritual conversation where I learned he wanted to be closer with God. I invited him to say the prayer of the heart to invite Jesus to be at the centre of his life. Together, we both put Jesus at the centre of our lives that night.

Matt Durand – Kelowna

On mission, the Holy Spirit worked through me by allowing me to be docile… the biggest docility - to do the great things He wants to do through me. His Love triumphs all.

Stalin D’Cunha – Belize

Throughout the mission in Montreal, I felt a fire lit within me the whole time; I was so joyful and excited… This missionary fervour won't end when I go home and back on campus in the fall. It needs to continue!... It's time for me to be what other men have been for me​ during my time on campus: to be the example needed to bring other young men closer to God.

Sean Brownrigg – Montréal

Every day on mission, I shed tears in prayer as I encountered the Lord… I could genuinely tell the people of San Pedro that they belong to God the Father because I believed it in my heart!... I believe my time in Belize marked a new season of walking with Jesus more intimately and more boldly than ever before. He brings courage to face all circumstances, and heals the wounds of my sin and brokenness!

Julian Piezas – Belize

Through going on a mission with CCO, my life has been totally transformed! On mission, I saw how many people in this world need to know Jesus, and how we are in desperate need for leaders to share Jesus with them. My heart was set on fire knowing that I can play a part in the renewal of the world!!

Abigail Emmons – Montréal

Going on mission, my eyes were opened to the desperate need of a Saviour in our broken world. My heart was inflamed as I realized that God was calling me to take part in that renewal! I have found true joy and purpose in the mission and I know there is nothing else I can do than live my life for Jesus in this way!

Felicity Emmons – Montréal

On mission I was able to recognize my heart for the lost, through that revelation I made the decision that I never wanted anyone to experience a life away from Jesus. 

Ky Buchan – Belize

I have been finding.. that I am wanting to be much more present in Mass than before I went on mission - it’s like there has been a shift, or my eyes have been opened differently to how I view Mass since being home.

Alida Dance – Belize

Interested, but have a few questions?

Reach out! Our Missions Team would be happy to answer your questions, big and small.


Support a mission participant

Missions exist to be able to equip young adults with the tools to become key players in the renewal of the world. Thank you for your investment in the future leaders of our society. We cannot wait to see how your parish, city, university, family, and lives are changed through this.

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Hosting a CCO Mission

If you are interested in partnering with CCO on a mission trip, take a look at this informational booklet and then contact our Missions Team at missions@cco.ca.

Will You Go? Mission book cover

Missions FAQ

Before you can receive a response about the status of your application, we first need three completed references for you. Once all three are received, it can take up to three weeks before you hear back. Please note that this will likely be longer if your application was submitted in the few weeks surrounding our Rise Up conference at the end of December or close to the mission application deadline. For any questions, make sure to reach out to missions@cco.ca.

If you are accepted, you will be emailed a welcome package with more information on what the next steps are. You will also be sent some release forms, these forms are to be signed and sent to CCO Missions along with a non-refundable deposit in order to secure your spot on the mission.
The deposit is $100 for a domestic mission and $200 for an international mission.

Yes, if you receive one or several donations to cover the cost of the deposit they can be submitted for that purpose, keeping in mind that your spot on the mission is not secure until you submit the deposit.

The cost of a mission can be covered through donations from others or donations to yourself, both of which are non-refundable. Upon acceptance, you will receive a financial schedule that you are expected to fulfill. We have structured these deadlines to include checkpoints that will lead up to the beginning of the mission, this is to ensure that you are set up for success. Fundraising is a missionary opportunity, we get to invite people into the mission and share the Gospel with them.

The short answer is no. According to the CRA, “at law, a gift transfers ownership of the money or other gifted property from the donor to the charity. Once the transfer is made, the charity is obliged to use the gift in carrying out its charitable purposes.” If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact missions@cco.ca.

Non-students are allowed to apply for CCO mission trips. However, since our organization’s primary work is with university students, students will have priority.

Other than proclaiming the name of Jesus, it looks different for every mission. However, something that is similar for all the missions is that you will have daily prayer time, daily praise and worship, and daily training talks. Something that is special about going on a mission is the ability to practice abandonment, which is a core value in CCO. What this looks like is placing your trust in the mission team that what they have prepared for the mission is good and led by the Holy Spirit. You do not necessarily need to know the full schedule in order to choose to participate fully. If you feel called to go on mission but this is something that you struggle with, please do not hesitate to reach out to your campus missionary or contact us at missions@cco.ca.

Check out the individual mission pages to find the cost and what it includes. If you have any questions or concerns about prices, please do not hesitate to contact us at missions@cco.ca.

Mission is a full-time commitment. Unfortunately, we cannot allow people to take online courses while on mission. We desire for you to be fully present not only to mission, but to your studies. If you’re a university student, we understand that school should be your main focus and priority. We want to make sure that we are doing everything in order to be able to support that, even if it’s making the hard decision to not go on mission this year.

Orientation length depends on what type of mission you attend. If you’re going on a reading break mission, orientation will be one day. If you’re going on a summer mission, mission orientation can be anywhere between 2 to 3 days. While at orientation, you will receive training on different topics that will help you on mission. Orientation is also an opportunity for you to bond with your mission team and leaders.

The quick answer is no. Orientation is a significant time for the team, it allows you to bond with those going on mission with you while also learning about the tools you will be using on mission. In addition, there are a couple of talks that you legally have to attend in order to be able to go on mission. For any questions or concerns please contact missions@cco.ca.

Yes. Please note that, unless it is written in the mission description, this is not included in the price. Though, if you fundraise above your goal, this transportation could be eligible to be reimbursed. For any questions, please contact missions@cco.ca.

Yes, if you receive one or several donations to cover the cost of the deposit they can be submitted for that purpose, keeping in mind that your spot on the mission is not secure until you submit the deposit.

The quick answer is no. Unless this Criminal Record Check (CRC) was specifically made for CCO, we require you to get a new one from the police department in the city you reside in. Please note that CCO Missions provides you with a letter proving that you are a volunteer that you present to the police department. If, however, you are required to pay for this CRC, this could be eligible to be reimbursed as long as you fundraise enough to cover the cost. For any questions, please contact missions@cco.ca.

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