May 3rd – May 20th, 2018

January 31st 2018

To Be Determined

Approx. $3000


Just as in Jonas’ time, so too today may we commit ourselves to conversion; may we be signs lighting the way and announcing salvation. This time for conversion, this time for salvation, is the time for mercy.  And so, let us say together in response to the suffering on so many faces: In your compassion and mercy, Lord, have pity on us … cleanse us from our sins and create in us a pure heart, a new spirit (cf. Ps 50).” Pope Francis, Homily in Mexico, Feb. 2016

With an estimated population of over 30,000,000, Mexico City is one of the largest concentrations of humanity in the world and it is here that Our Lady chose to appear, and here that Our Lady of Guadalupe has been named the Star of the New Evangelization. Join us for just over two weeks as we connect with Mexican students, training them is CCO’s outreach methods, and how to use our evangelistic materials, especially the Ultimate Relationship booklet, the the Discovery faith study.

During our time in Mexico, we will also be partnering with Craig Johring and Hope of the Poor Ministries. We will spend time in the city, engaging in outreach and service to the poor. We may also have the opportunity to work with the homeless, living at the city dump.

Finally, we will have the opportunity to visit the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Here we’ll intercede for our mission, for Mexico, and for CCO’s ministry on campus.


Our mission will begin with a time of orientation at CCO HQ in Ottawa. Over these two days you’ll spend time getting to know your teammates, praying for the mission, and receiving training to be able to use and train people in CCO’s evangelistic materials.

After orientation we’ll then fly Mexico city to begin our mission, where one of our priorities will be to work with local university students. We will spend time on their campus getting to know them, and learning about some of each others best practices. As always, one of our goals will be to help them establish an even more effective campus movement. This means that we well spending time sharing the Gospel with them, and equipping them to use some of CCO’s evangelistic materials, the Ultimate Relationship and the Discovery faith study; both of which have been translated to Spanish.

Most days we will have the opportunity to travel to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe to attend mass, and take our prayer time; this will be the launching pad for each days activities. Beyond our work on campus, some of our daily activities in the past have included partnering with Hope of the Poor, a ministry dedicated to working with the poor and homeless people of Mexico City.

We will continue to update this mission page as more details become available.

Hear from the student missionaries who have served on previous Mexico missions:

“We had just finished sharing the Gospel in a religion class when the teacher said to us “You have given these girls more than I could ever give them” We desired that the teacher would be able to share the same thing we had just shared. After what we thought was our last class, we left a Spanish “Ultimate Relationship” booklet on her desk. We realized later that we were still supposed to be in that same classroom, but when we arrived we found the teacher in front of the class sharing in Spanish what we had just shared with her in the previous class. How exciting—we were multiplying missionaries!”

“Visiting the schools, as well as sharing the UR and my testimony gave me a desire to share God more, and to learn to completely trust God and push away my fears when sharing my faith.”

“This mission helped me to grow in my love of God and my understanding of His will for my life; that I am to encounter His abundant mercy and not only offer it to those in my life, but go out to the marginalized and isolated and be a vessel of His love and mercy!”

Mexico 2018 will cost approximately $3000 CND. This money will cover the costs for:

  • Orientation & training
  • Accommodations
  • Travel from Canada to Mexico
  • Most meals

The cost does not include:

  • Medical expenses before (ie. vaccinations needed) or during the mission (ie travel insurance)
  • Travel to the orientation location in Canada and home from there after the project is concluded

Each CCO Missions participant has the opportunity to fundraise the entire cost of their mission trip through tax-deductible donations. Consider this: fundraising allows people who may not have the opportunity to travel on a mission project to participate in this essential work by donating towards your participation. In another sense, “some give by going, while others go by giving.” Allowing others to support us through their financial commitments and prayers is essential to the success of CCO Missions!

There is a $500 non-refundable payment due upon acceptance, the remainder of the cost must be paid according to the payment schedule that you will receive in your acceptance package.

Finally, we’re here to help you! We know support raising can seem intimidating. In you acceptance package we’ll provide you with a number of tools that will help be more confident in raising support. And of course, you can always get in touch with us by email at missions@cco.ca, or by phone, 613-736-1999.

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