May 19 – June 12, 2019

January 31, 2019

Christopher Pickup
Angela Wong
Stephanie Dresch
Daniel Oberg



But what I say to you is this: place your lives in the hands of Jesus. He will accept you, and bless you, and he will make such use of your lives as will be beyond your greatest expectations! In other words: surrender yourselves, like so many loaves and fishes, into the all-powerful, sustaining hands of God and you will find yourselves transformed with “newness of life”, with fullness of life. “Unload your burden on the Lord, and he will support you”.

Saint John Paul II to the Youth of Scotland

CCO is taking a hop across the pond to Scotland! For 2 weeks we will engage in the parish life of  St. Mary of the Assumption Cathedral in Aberdeen. The parish is looking to begin implementing the use of several of CCO’s evangelistic materials, and so we will be helping them begin their parish outreach, and the process of getting people in their faith studies.

Participants of the Scotland mission can also expect that God will do great things in their own lives. The training you receive, and the experience of authentic Christian community will equip you for a lifetime of mission in your family, your places of work, and your future parishes.

We hope to have a number of other exciting partnerships and opportunities for ministry while in Scotland. The planning of this mission is still in it’s early stages, so stay tuned for more details!

Please note that acceptances to the Scotland mission may not be sent out until after the Jan. 31st, 2019 application deadline.



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