Obedience follows a slightly different format than the other CCO studies. The first three studies present a progression of topics building upon one another. In Obedience, the lessons standĀ  independently, yet share a common theme. Each lesson invites us to be docile to God’s plan for our lives.

Obedience is challenging and practical. Each lesson reveals new areas of behaviour, beliefsĀ  or attitudes to surrender to God. These areas include fears, speech habits, obedience to Church teachings and chastity. As challenging as this sounds, many participants say Obedience is one of their favourite studies.



Obedience is important to God and a blessing for us.


Obedience and the Fear of What Others Might Think
The Holy Spirit empowers us with courage when we are afraid of others’ opinions of our obedience to God.


Obedience and the Fear of Difficult Circumstances
We can follow God, even in the midst of difficulties, because he is trustworthy.


Obedience and Speech
The way we speak affects our relationship with God and others.


Obedience and Chstity
God calls us to purity of mind and body, especially in today’s society.


Obedience and the Church
Peter and his successors lead and safeguard the Church in order to provide us a sure compass in faith and morals.


Obedience and Vocation
Priesthood, religious life, marriage and single life each offer unique paths to growth in holiness and mission.


Obedience and the Mission
We are urgently called to participate in the Church’s mission of evangelization.