Whether you’re a pastor, a parish-life director, concerned parishioner, or anyone in between, you know your parish needs more than just another program to run. You need an overall strategy that works. Through CCO’s Connect: Parish program, you can benefit from 30 years of experience on the leading edge of the New Evangelization that gives you just that.

Every parish, school, and community needs Christ-centered leaders, capable of communicating the clear and simple message of the Gospel. Starting a successful evangelizing mission takes a lot of work, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. Through workshops and coaching, we want to help you establish a multiplying movement in your midst. Whatever your context, we will work with you to create a game-changing plan to form missionary disciples of Jesus. Our methods, materials, and experience might be just what you need to create a cultural transformation.




Whether you’re looking to simply test-out some of our resources or are ready to commit to full-scale evangelization and discipleship efforts within your parish, CCO is ready to help.



  • This 6-week journey has brought me to Jesus. I have come to experience and trust in his love and realize his love for me. It is not simply the material that we study but the experience of conversion that is often witnessed at our meetings that has drawn me in. Once you experience the Holy Spirit moving more actively in your life and the lives of others, you will not be the same. I want to invite as many people as I can to know and experience this treasure that is offered to us all.
    St. Matthew's, Surrey
  • Talking about your faith and talking about Jesus is truly food for the soul. It's so easy to get distracted with the world and lose focus. There are the teachings of the Church and the rules and what you should do and shouldn’t do, which are important to know, but behind all of that, what will drive a person to live and love their faith is that personal relationship with Jesus. That’s what we’re trying to pass on. I honestly think I have felt and seen the Holy Spirit truly at work in our parish.
    Nicole Bitelli
    Christ the Redeemer, West Vancouver
  • I found that to really trust God you truly have to give everything to Him and allow him into all parts of your life so He can change them… this is where I really grew in my faith and many of wounds from my childhood and early working days where removed and replaced by His love, courage and strength. This is where I learned to surrender and let go. Today I lead Discovery in my parish and I’ve seen almost every man in my study grow in their faith, in the Holy Spirit and become more involved in our church.
    St. Matthew's, Surrey

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