Founders Appeal 2018

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I remember hearing God’s voice asking me to come back. (Tyler)

We invite you to join us as a CCO Builder by committing to a monthly $30 gift towards CCO’s outreach initiatives. Thanks to a generous benefactor, each monthly donation made this year in response to this appeal will be matched dollar-for-dollar initially up to $1650 monthly with the potential for that to be extended further. This means your monthly donation of $30 will have twice the impact. Our goal is to partner with 300 new CCO Builders during this anniversary year. Will you join us?

We’re so grateful for the privilege to share Christ with students like Tyler on university campuses across Canada. With your support, we look forward to reaching even more young people. We wish you and your family blessed Advent and Christmas seasons.

Meet Tyler Brooks.

Tyler was a self-professed atheist as he began his studies at the University of Ottawa two years ago. Like many others, he wanted nothing to do with God or the Church.

Then, a friend personally invited him to participate in CCO’s Discovery faith study. Tyler accepted the invitation because he trusted his friend. As Tyler recalls, “If he was inviting me to something, I knew it must be important to him.”

Through Discovery, Tyler was invited to Eucharistic Adoration at a local parish. The Lord spoke clearly into Tyler’s life at that CCO event, overwhelming him with love. “I remember hearing God’s voice asking me to come back,” shares Tyler. That evening, he went to confession for the first time in eight years and chose to place Jesus Christ at the centre of his life.

Soon afterwards, Tyler was involved with the St. Francis Xavier Relic Pilgrimage event in Kingston. This experience deeply convicted him of his missionary call and urged him to participate in a CCO mission, which he did as part of the Impact mission team in Vancouver, BC. That time really formed him as a missionary disciple. “I remember growing in so many ways I never thought were possible,” he says.

Jesus launched his public ministry in his 30th year. In a similar way, we feel the Lord launching CCO into new and exciting mission territory during our 30th year. We invite you to help build the foundation of our movement.