Evangelize like never before.

Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) is a Canadian university student movement dedicated to evangelization. We not only train student leaders, but also produce materials which can equip anyone for the work of evangelization. This app features the Ultimate Relationship, a booklet produced for sharing the Gospel in clear and simple way.



Ultimate Relationship Booklet

Imagine… you’re on the bus and you have a chance to share your faith, but you’re wishing you had some way to share the Gospel in a clear and simple way. With the Ultimate Relationship on your smartphone or tablet, you can both share the Gospel and lead them in a prayer of commitment.

With the Download UR tab, you can choose from a number of languages to download a pdf version on your device to have anywhere and anytime, even without a data plan.

Faith Study Sign-Up

This tab is perfect for the student on-the-go who would have been in a study, but missed out because they weren’t “in front of a computer”. With the CCO App, just open the app, click on the Sign-up tab, and fill out your form – anywhere and anytime.

Evangelization Training Resources

Have you ever wanted to share your faith, but didn’t feel confident enough to follow through? CCO provides training in many areas of evangelization. Get pdf printables and video instruction on how to share the Ultimate Relationship booklet well, and how to start your own Discovery Faith Study.

Check out the UR Training Handouts, UR Training Videos, and Leading Discovery tabs.

Catholic Study Resources

Forgot your Bible? Maybe you meant to bring your Catechism to your faith study, but left it on the counter at home. With the Catholic Resources tab, you’ll be equipped to have the right resource for the right questions. This tab contains:

  • Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • RSV Bible
  • Biblia Clerus Bible Commentary
  • Fr. Hardon’s Modern Catholic Dictionary
  • Summa Theologiae
  • Early Church Fathers
  • Catholic Encyclopedia
  • Papal Encyclicals Online
  • Church Council Documents
  • iBreviary
  • Catholic Online’s Saint of the Day

Campus Finder

“What campuses have CCO Staff?” or “Is CCO on my campus?” are questions that I’ve been asked time and time again. With the CCO campus finder, you’ll be able to answer those questions and point them to the right place on campus. Not only that, you can connect them with the team leader and hook them up with an email, phone number, and relevant social media information that will keep them informed and up-to-date.

We’re reaching out to university students with the
life-changing message of God’s love and mercy.