Summer Institute in the New Evangelization (SINE)

We would like to introduce you to an exciting new initiative called the Summer Institute in the New Evangelization (SINE). The SINE is a collaborative effort between Catholic Christian Outreach, Mission of the Redeemer Ministries, and the Faculty of Theology at St. Paul University in Ottawa, running from August 8-17, 2016.

The institute offers an intensive program with valuable theological formation, practical ministry training and leadership skill development. Participants will be equipped to be leaders in fostering a culture of missionary discipleship thus bringing renewal to their parish, community and diocese.

The program offers significant benefit to a wide variety of people and is aimed at those who desire to engage more fully in the New Evangelization. Participants who successfully complete three successive Summer Institutes (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3), will obtain a Certificate in “Leadership in the New Evangelization.”

Our goal is to make this program accessible to everyone. Participants can attend on-site at St. Paul University in Ottawa, ON or remotely through online video technology. The SINE will run from August 8-17th, 2016, and every summer thereafter.

Registration for SINE ends on June 30, and we are currently looking for a minimum of 15 more participants. If you are considering joining us for this program, act now and register at

For more information email or call CCO’s Head Office at (613) 736-1999.

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