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December 28th - January 1st

What are you anchored to? Only the love of God remains solid and unchanging through the storms of our lives. We have our hope in him; the way, the truth and the life. His promise is trustworthy. And so we can set out into deep waters confidently, ready to embrace our missionary call.


Westin Harbour Castle 1 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON



One bold decision could
change your life.



Make friends from across Canada



Be inspired and formed to share Christ with the world.



Practical wisdom from Catholic experts.

Paul J. Kim

Singer. Speaker. Inspirer.

Mary Bielski

Speaker & Youth Minister

Eric Chow

Director of the Proclaim Movement

Fr. James Mallon

Divine Renovation Ministry

Joseph San Jose

CCO Associate Regional Director

Fr. Emmanuel, CFR

Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Laura O'Reilly

CCO Staff Alumna


Personal Development

Speaker: André Regnier, Co-Founder of CCO

Whether you have been praying for years or are just beginning to cultivate a daily prayer time, this simple but profound method of prayer will change the way you approach your ‘power hour’ with God. If you want to encounter Jesus in a more intimate and personal way each day, this session is for you! #DYP (did you pray?)

Speaker: Angèle Regnier, Co-Founder of CCO

Discernment is hard. But does it have to be? Learn from a trained spiritual director how to navigate the fears and emotions that keep us from making decisions in our discernment.

Speaker: Florence Loh, MSW, RSW

Caring for our mental health is important because it impacts our spiritual health, and vice versa. But how do we tell the difference between what’s mental, spiritual and emotional? And how can we support someone who is struggling? Come learn how the battle for mental wellness isn’t just a matter of praying it away.

Speaker: Joseph Goodwin, Campus Minister at Wilfred
Laurier University

It’s nice to believe that everyone goes to heaven, but the Bible actually teaches us something very different, and Jesus himself did too. How can we accept Heaven, Hell AND Purgatory… and what consequences does this have in our own lives?

Speaker: Fr. Kevin Belgrave, Assistant Professor of Moral
Theology at St. Augustine’s Seminary

You’ve found them, ‘your person’, and it feels like the hardest part of navigating the dating landscape is behind you. But the journey is just beginning! Learn to identify where cultural perceptions of committment, dating and our sexuality may have become ingrained in your ways of thinking, holding you back from your desire for lifelong love. Discover why virtuous sexuality is the most liberating choice for love, and how it can transform your relationship into one that has eternal significance.

Speaker: Nathan Gibbard, Campus Minister at Ryerson

Marvel, DC, and even Disney/Pixar are pumping out superhero movies faster than we can run to Cineplex. What captivates us so much about these flawed-but-super humans? What parallels can we draw with the lives of the saints to lead us into greater depths in our own spiritual lives?

Speaker: Remy Takam, CCO Missionary

“Don’t bother trying.” “Why are you always like this.”… etc, etc. Do you ever feel like the negative lies you tell yourself are the loudest? Are you tired of these things holding you back? This workshop will teach you about the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth about who you really are. With His help, learn how to recognize lies and reject them effectively, stepping into the joy and freedom that Jesus wants for you! This session includes a time of prayer ministry.

Speaker: Tanya Rodgerson, CCO Missionary

Sometimes dating feels more complicated then it needs to be. This workshop will dive into how to be clear with intentions and mature with emotional boundaries so that you can date with confidence. Learn how to avoid overspiritualizing the first date while still making sure to be an active discerner throughout the process.

Speaker: Michael Hall, Senior Specialist in CCO’s Ministry

We all know how important the Bible is, but do you ever feel like it’s a little over your head? Do you desire to get more out of Scripture? This workshop will help you gain tools for unlocking how to read the Bible so you can get the most out of your time with the Divine Word!

Living Out Your Apostolate

Speaker: Cameron Beare, CCO Team Leader at University of Ottawa

Do you desire to leave a lasting impact on your campus, parish or other area of ministry? The key to moving a ministry from good to great is to change our vision of what’s possible in Christ. Through this workshop you will discover the art of forming the kind of great expectations which lead to conversion and the raising up of leaders around you.

Speaker: Marc Moreau, CCO Team Leader at Dalhousie University

Do you have family, friends, or coworkers in your life who you want to share Jesus with but just don’t know how to get the conversation started? Learn practical tips on how to start spiritual conversations and grow in seeing and seizing opportunties to share Christ in a relatable way with those around you.

Speaker: Jeff Lockert, President of CCO

We have so many things going on in our lives: work, school, social life, exercise, time for God and our families. Is true balance possible? How do we prioritize what is important and is there even time for all the important things in my life? Come hear a new perspective on balance and discover how to live a more disciplined and rewarding life!

Speaker: Trevor Anzai, CCO Missionary

Begin to live with a defined purpose! In this workshop you will draft the first copy of a compelling mission statement. This workshop will help articulate your life’s mission as you pursue God’s call. Recommended for those who have graduated from university or will be graduating soon.

Speaker: Ruth Shaw, Executive Director for National Campus Life Network

Our culture is becoming increasingly polarized when it comes to issues of life, faith and family. How can you cultivate relationships with people who are fundamentally in a different place than you, especially when it comes to these hot button topics? Is it possible to be in relationship with people who are not religious, perhaps even strongly dislike the church, are pro choice, pro gay marriage etc. Using a pro-life lens, learn pratical ways that we can win over those with vastly differing opinions and still stay in relationship with them.

Speaker: Fr. Angelus, CFR

“Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me” – Matt 25:40 As members of God’s family, we are all entrusted with the well-being and dignity of those around us. How can we encounter Christ’s heart through tending to the suffering of those in need?

Speaker: Joan Gregorich, CCO Board Member

Success is attractive. We all want to be great and leave our mark on the world. How can we orient our ambition toward Christ and use wordly influence to build the kingdom of God? Discover practical tips on how to live with our hearts on the eternal while our feet are firmly planted in this world.

Speaker: Meg Hunter-Kilmer, Hobo for Christ​

We live in an age that is busier than ever before. Our time is a precious resource that we tend to spend carefully and choosily. But our time is also a gift we can give to God. Come find out how powerful your time is in God’s hands and what amazing things he can do through you if you give him your heart.

Speaker: Fr. Cristino Bouvette, Vocations Director for the Diocese of Calgary

Something very mysterious and powerful takes place at every Mass. The Eucharistic celebration is more than just a unique form of Catholic prayer. The liturgy literally transfigures our individual lives, drawing all of humanity into the self-giving love of God. What does the Church mean when she calls the faithful to full, conscious, and active participation in liturgy? And what is the role of liturgy in the New Evangelization?

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Conference fees and materials
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Day Passes

Dec 28th

Opening Session: $30

Dec 29th

Day Session (includes brunch): $80

Evening Session: $30

Dec 30th

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Workshops: $40

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Jan 1st

Closing Session (includes brunch): $45

A deposit of $175 is required to confirm your registration for Rise Up 2018. Deposit must be paid before the payment deadline otherwise the price will increase to the next fee bracket. Full payment must be received by the subsequent deadline. For example, if you register before the Early Bird deadline, you must pay the deposit before September 15 and pay in full before November 15.
After November 15, full payment is required to confirm any new registrations.
After December 15, all conference fees must be paid or registration is subject to cancellation.

You can log back in to your registration using the information received in your confirmation email and cancel your registration yourself. If you have any issues doing this successfully, please email riseup@cco.ca. 

Cancellations received:

· Before September 15, 2019 will receive a full refund less $25.

· Between September 16 and November 15 will receive a full refund less $75.

· Between November 16 and December 15 will receive a full refund less $175.

· After December 15, 2019 will not be eligible for any refund.

Your Rise Up registration includes four nights and five days at a four-star hotel (unless you register for the commuter pass), 3 hot brunches, New Year’s Eve banquet dinner and entrance to all conference sessions.

Yes, registration includes three hot brunches (for December 29th, 30th, and January 1st) and the New Year’s Eve banquet dinner. Participants who are staying in the hotel will also receive breakfast baskets in their room (with snacks like fruit, granola bars, etc.) to be shared among room occupants. All participants are expected to look after the meals which occur during the break time of the conference.

No problem! It is not necessary to submit another registration – simply email riseup@cco.ca to make any changes to your registration.


Certainly! This event is meant to gather young people from across the country to centre them on the beauty and truth of faith.

CCO is a registered Canadian charity and, as such, is bound by certain tax laws in regards to fundraising. These laws allow that only students involved in the local campus movement staffed by CCO missionaries to fundraise for Rise Up. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: 613 736 1999  riseup@cco.ca.

Definitely! Everyone can benefit from the mix of incredible speakers and a rediscovery of their call to have a relationship with God, and the challenge to share their faith with others.

If you are enrolled in post-secondary studies, whether full-time or part-time, you are eligible to register at the student rate for the hotel or commuter conference packages. This includes seminarians and non-Canadian students. Note that when registering for a student package you will be required to enter the name of your post-secondary institution.

Participants must be 18 or older at the time of the conference to attend Rise Up; high school students 18 or over may attend, otherwise we do not accept registrations from high school students.

Many campuses will be chartering buses to the conference – ask your local campus missionaries what they are planning. If you are not on a CCO campus, email riseup@cco.ca to inquire if you can connect with a nearby campus.

When you register you have the opportunity to indicate up to three roommate requests; these individuals should also identify you as their choice of roommate. Please note that we cannot guarantee all requests. Also note that requests will be granted according to individuals who are registered and paid for the conference as of November 15; late registrants may not be placed in the room of their choice.

All other attendees will be placed in rooms according to their university (if applicable), city, or at random. If you would like to make a change in your room request please email riseup@cco.ca before November 15.

Registration prices for the hotel package are based on quadruple occupancy—if you would like to request other arrangements, note that this will come at an extra cost: please email riseup@cco.ca for more information.

To extend your stay for a few days before or after Rise Up, please contact riseup@cco.ca to make a request. This year’s rate for an extra night is $155. Please do not contact the hotel directly as CCO is responsible for booking directly with the hotel.

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