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Chris Stefanick

President and Founder,
Real Life Catholic

Pete Burak

Director of i.d.9:16,
Young Adult Outreach

Angèle Regnier


Fr Angelus Montgomery, CFR

Vocation Director,
Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Holly Leonard

Director of Ministry Training and Program Development, CCO

Ken Yasinski

President and Founder,
Catholic Speaker Productions


Personal Development

Speaker: Carissa Benavides

We are not meant to reach the summit of holiness on our own. There are people who go before us, who walk alongside us, and those who we bring with us in our journey to heaven. Discover the 3 types of relationships that are important for our journey in faith.

Speaker: Fr. John O’Brien

Feeling like you want to go deeper in prayer, but just don’t know what changes to make? This workshop will explore key principles to strengthen your personal prayer, and experience intimacy with Jesus daily.

Speaker: Rachel Wong

With so much change and pressure on our daily lives with school, work, family, friends, and our spiritual life, how can we maintain our mental health? How do we live a balanced life and navigate the spiritual ups and downs while struggling with mental health? This workshop will provide some key take aways that you can start using in your daily life.

Speaker: Fr. Mark Goring

Discernment can feel overwhelming: where do I start? How do I know I’m following God’s will? Find simple answers to these questions, and leave feeling equipped to navigate your next big, or small discernment.

Speaker: Fr. Mike Schmitz

You have just said yes to a Christ-centred relationship with Jesus and you want to know what are those first steps to begin this relationship with Him. This workshop will cover simple yet impactful steps to fall deeper in love with Jesus as He walks with you on your new and great adventure.

Speaker: Ken Yasinski

Learn 3 essential decisions to growing in intimacy with Jesus. If you want to experience the fullness of God’s plan for life, these decisions are a must.

Living Out Your Apostolate

Speaker: Sara Francis

During your time in university, you’ve grown in building your relationship with Jesus and are engaged in the mission of evangelization in the university context. But now you are graduating in a couple of months or maybe you’ve recently graduated and are wondering “Where do I go from here?. What’s my new mission field?” This workshop will give you some practical tips on where to start.

Speaker: Evalina Williamson

Have you ever wanted to share your faith with others but didn’t know where to start? It is as simple as 4 key points! CCO has developed a tool called the Ultimate Relationship (UR) booklet to help guide you in sharing the gospel in a clear and simple way. Come learn how to share the UR and other tips in sharing the 4-point Gospel!

Speakers: Claire Brady (English & French); Br. Diego, CFR (Spanish)

Do you sometimes feel weird or awkward bringing up Jesus or faith in conversations? Do you want someone to know Jesus like you do but just don’t know how to bring it up. In this workshop, you will learn a few key tools to having spiritual conversations with someone that leads to conversion.

Speaker: Cheryl-Lynn Farnand

How do we live out our missionary identity when we are the only one practicing our faith in our family? Or don’t have a larger community to live out your faith? This workshop will equip you to know how to witness to others and stay rooted in the Great Commission to make discipes of all nations even when you find yourself discouraged or alone.

Speaker: Michelle Diment

For most of us, God isn’t calling us to move to a different country to preach the Gospel. The norm is actually a mission much closer to home: your parish. What does that mission look like?

Speaker: Benjamin Turland

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our world has moved online and so has our evangelistic efforts. Learn some best tips and tricks in how to be a catalyst in online evangelization.

Speaker: Meg Hunter-Kilmer (Hobo for Christ)

Following in the footsteps of great saints before us, we are all called to share in the mission of evangelization but what is our calling as Women? How do we fit into the mission of evangelization? What are we, as Women, called to do?

Speaker: Cam Beare

Jesus calls us to “go and make disciples of all nations”. But what does he mean? Who is he talking to? And what does it mean for me?

Speaker: Peter Herbeck

The Holy Spirit is the primary agent of Evangelization. So how do we utilize the Holy Spirit in our evangelization efforts?

Speaker: Michael Hall

How do we actively live out our missionary identity in the world? Jesus himself selected twelve apostles to form during his years of active ministry. Modeling Christ, we call this strategy Intentional Accompaniment. We are all called to journey with others as they grow in their own faith, but how can we accompany them in a way that will be beneficial and appropriate to where they are at?

Speakers: Michelle Gallagher (English); Adriana Kartsens (Spanish)

We are called to be multiplying missionary disciples. What does it mean to multiply? Is it just inviting a friend to take a faith study or come to an event? Or is it something deeper than that? Come and learn how we can reach the world one person at a time.

Speaker: Henry Morales (English & Spanish)

Why is it important to multiply into someone the attitude, skills, and knowledge of being a missionary disciple? What is the point? Why do we have to have a next generation mindset and worry about the people who are coming after us? Come and find out!

Speaker: John Brundage (seminarian with the Companions)

What is the new evangelization and what does having an “evangelical heart” mean? Discover why it is vital to develop an evangelical heart and how to overcome barriers that we experience as we develop this heart.

Speaker: Remy Takem (English & French)

We talk about encountering Jesus for the first time, but what about the Holy Spirit? How do we encounter the Spirit in our lives, and develop a friendship with Him.

Speaker: Jackie Lavery

Do you think you have to be a full-time Missionary to do mission? Wrong! You can be missionary wherever you are called to be; as a student, a professional, a trades person, a parent, a single person. We are all called to be missionary, right where you are in your own context!


Platform goes live at 11:50 AM EST each day.

Monday, December 28

— 12:00 PM —

MC Intro & Conference Intro

Session 1: Our Foundation
Ken Yasinski

Q&A with Ken Yasinski


— 3:00 PM —

Session 2: The Compass of Your Life
Fr. Angelus Montgomery, CFR


Optional Men’s & Women’s Vocation Panels with Q&A

— 6:30 PM —


Session 3: Who’s First?
Chris Stefanick

Q&A with Chris Stefanick

Tuesday, December 29

— 12:00 PM —

Session 4: Your Legacy
Holly Leonard

CCO Staff Recruitment Event


— 3:00 PM —

Session 5: A Risk Worth Taking
Pete Burak

Q&A with Pete Burak


Optional CCO Missions Panel

— 6:30 PM —

Session 6: To The Heights
Angele Regnier


"My highlight of Rise Up was growing closer to Christ and becoming more sure of God’s plan for my life. It was one of the first times that I have heard in my heart things from the Holy Spirit and been completely and totally at peace with them."
"Rise Up was very much a retreat from the busyness of the world and allowed me to have the time to be available to God without anything holding me back."
“Rise Up definitely renewed my zeal to share the Gospel with others and invite others to choose to put Christ at the center. It encouraged me to see so many other young adults from across Canada choosing to spend their break on an online conference learning about Jesus.”
“I opened areas of my heart to Jesus that I had previously kept closed. I decided to abandon myself even more to his providence and love for me.”


There are 2 different registration packages; Basic Registration & VIP Registration.

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Absolutely. This event is meant to gather young adults from across the country, including students from university or college campuses where CCO missionaries are not present. You are welcome!

Again, yes. Rise Up is a conference open to all young adults aged 18-35. Everyone can benefit from the opportunity to encounter Jesus and be inspired to become a leader in the renewal of the world.

Generally, we do not accept registrations from high school students because participants must be 18 or older at the time of the conference, otherwise this poses a liability challenge for us. However, if you are in high school and are 18 or older, you may register.

Not to worry. You don’t have to register again. Just send us an email at and we will make the change on the back end.

Unfortunately, due to the short nature of Rise Up 2020 we will not have day passes or session passes available. The beauty of having Rise Up online is that those who registered will have access to the recordings after the conference as well, if you are not able to attend on the actual days. You will have to register prior to Rise Up in order to have access.

To cancel your registration, please email with your first name, last name, email address, and the reason for cancellation. Once received, your registration will be cancelled and your credit card on file will be refunded according to the following rules:

  • Cancellations made on or before November 25, 2020 will receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations received on or after November 26, 2020, will no longer be eligible for a refund and any outstanding charges must be paid in full or registration may be subject to cancellation by the Rise Up team.

Registration for Rise Up is non-transferrable, meaning a conference link can only be used by the person who registered for it. Please email if you have any other questions about our policy.

No. We ask that you please do not share the link that you are given with others. We encourage everyone to register themselves.

Some best practices when it comes to not having screen fatigue quickly are:

  • Utilize the break times to step away from the computer. Go outside (if you can) during the breaks.
  • Stand up in between sessions
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If your internet cuts out during the conference, just log back in and continue with the conference. You will have access to the recordings after the conference is over and you can go back in to watch what you missed when your internet cut out.

You are officially registered for Rise Up 2020 when you have filled out the registration form and have paid. If you have filled out the form but haven’t paid or if you have paid but have not filled out the form, please email to know the next steps.

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