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Rise Up is a conference for young adults hosted by Catholic Christian Outreach, a Canadian university student movement. But Rise Up is more than a conference; it exists to motivate and inspire leaders for the renewal of the world.

Rise Up definitely renewed my zeal to share the Gospel and invite others to choose to put Christ at the centre. It was encouraging to see so many other young adults from across Canada choosing to spend their break on an online conference learning about Jesus.
Every talk I felt was so anointed! I received a lot of treasures and nuggets from them, and God used the speakers to really convict my heart.
Rise Up really affirmed in me the desire to bring others to know God and have a relationship with Him.
I made a decision at this year's Rise Up to be more courageous in evangelizing and to intentionally accompany one particular person in my life.
Rise Up solidified my decision that in spite of the lockdown I can be doing His work, I can reach out to people, and the Lord, the Holy Spirit, can heal. One thing Angele said resonated with me: Churches are locked down so it is up to us to reach out individually to people. I guess I have been waiting for leadership from my parish, but I need to show leadership.

Rise Up will return December 2023 in Ottawa!

Friends, we recently made the difficult decision to cancel Rise Up: Unleashed. Our deepest desire is for our students to encounter Christ, and we have great expectations that the Lord will accomplish this in many ways this year.

The pandemic has continued to affect how we want to connect and spend our time together. Ongoing pandemic fatigue has led to lower registration numbers than we felt was prudent to continue with the conference. Rather than persisting in the unknown, we decided to make the decision now, allowing all of us to enter more fully into the Advent and Christmas season, ready to encounter our Lord Jesus.

A lot is being planned for next semester. Keep your eyes out for activities and events through your local campus.

We appreciate your understanding of this difficult decision. Know of our prayers for each of you, and please keep us in your prayers as well.