Dec. 28th – Jan. 1st
CCO Rise Up Conference 2023

Rise Up
Ottawa 2023

Dec. 28th – Jan. 1st
CCO Rise Up Conference 2023

CCO’s Rise Up Conference is one of Canada’s largest gathering of young adults.
Join us for 5 days of fun, worship, dynamic talks, and practical workshops. 

Rise Up is a conference for young adults hosted by Catholic Christian Outreach,
a Canadian university student movement. But Rise Up is more than a conference;
it exists to inspire and build leaders for the renewal of the world.


More details about the sessions will be added as more information becomes available.


Bishop Scott McCaig

Mary Bielski

Brad Pierron

Fr. Alex Colautti

Ali Hoffman

Angele Regnier

Joel Regnier

Joseph San Jose


Personal Development

Everyone tells you you should pray, but no one ever tells you how. ​Or maybe what you have been taught hasn’t led to a dynamic, exciting prayer time. God wants you to be able to recognize His voice and wants you to know him deeply and intimately. So whether you need to know where to begin, overcome distraction, or just find a better method this workshop is for you. Join Andre t​o find out everything you need to grow in intimacy and confidence in your relationship with the Father.

Caught in the busyness of life, do you often feel like you’re just surviving – getting through life one day at a time? With God’s help, you can take the initiative to get things under control in your life, accomplish your goals, and discover your true purpose. Join Jeff for spiritual and practical time management principles to truly live your life to the fullest.

You are what you eat, right? Well, how about: you are what you consume? Being on social media, the people we follow and the stories we watch influence how we think, whether we like it or not. Social media often can get a bad rap, but how can you use it to connect, and curate a Christ centered view point? This talk will leave you walking away knowing how to use social media well, think for yourself and ultimately use it as a tool for good.

Do you ever wonder what God is really doing in your life? Is that really His voice I hear? What’s He up to? This entry-level workshop will help bring clarity to your spiritual life through the consolations and the desolations. In the day-to-day, you will be more confident in hearing God’s voice and experience growth in your relationship with Him.

Are you tired of superficial friendships? We’ve been there: around people all day in classes, at work, and on sports teams. So what does it take to go from spending time together to going to life’s deep places? Iron sharpens iron. Friendships don’t just happen in a day. They take work! This workshop will give you an example of a Christ-centered friendship and steps to take to be a great friend.

“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses.” (Acts 1:8) In order for us to live out the life and mission Jesus has called us to, our lives ought to be marked by an ongoing encounter and relationship with the Holy Spirirt. Living a life in the Spirit is essential in our own journey, evangelization and as a Church. In this workshop you will discover the role and power of your charisms, gifts and relationship with the third person of the trinity – the Holy Spirit.

Each one of us is made for love and relationship. God created us this way, in His own image and likeness. Amid our culture, it is very difficult to understand that, especially regarding our sexuality and desires. The great saint, John Paul II, understood the need for a better and more beautiful understanding of the meaning of our lives. In his teachings, he points us to God by looking at our bodies. Hundreds of thousands have experienced freedom and awe because of his teachings. If you need a fresh perspective on your sexuality, you struggle with sexual sin or you just want to learn from a great saint, this workshop is for you!

Do you desire to grow more in your relationship with God but find the struggle to forgive hindering that growth? We’ve all experienced hurt in our lives that leave us feeling anxious, afraid, guilty or hopeless. This workshop is here to give you some tools to experience greater freedom with God, start you on a journey of inner healing and apply truth to your life.

Living your Apostolate

Is God calling you to be a prophet or miracle worker? YES! He’s calling all of us! Holy Spirit powered signs and wonders provide an opportunity for us to bring others to Jesus. Learn how to share a word of encouragement to bless those around you and how to pray with confidence expecting healing! Join …. for a practical workshop on allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you in new and powerful ways.

Sharing your faith can seem scary or awkward, but actually it is really simple. This workshop is designed to show you the power of the Gospel message, clearly and simply. Your speaker will train you to use CCO’s time-tested tool – The Ultimate Relationship booklet. You will leave with practical tools of how to share the 4 point Gospel message, work through your fears and barriers when sharing it, and have time to practice with others.

St Peter wrote, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” It can be hard to put words to your relationship with Jesus and the ways God has been working in your personal journey. You might find yourself thinking ” I’ve just always believed in God and been faithful my whole life.” This workshop will teach you how to identify and put into words your conversion story and prepare you to be a witness through your testimony.

Pope Francis says, “The principal mission of the Church is evangelization, bringing the Good News to everyone.” Does your parish do that? Does your parish actively reach out to the people in and outside of it that do not know Christ or do not know him well enough? Maybe you’ve experienced what evangelization looks like on campus and are eager to bring it to your home parish. This workshop will guide you through the Spirit-led steps to influence your parish to live out its mission.

Music can have a huge impact on a person’s life. Imagine if that impact led to a person encountering Jesus more profoundly. Do you have a musical talent you want to use to bring others closer to Jesus? Learn the heart of worship and get some practical tools to lead people to God through your musical talents.

The world has changed drastically over the past few decades, and with that change we see increasingly the world falling further and further into confusion and division. Pope Benedict XVI said: “God is disappearing from the human horizon, and humanity is losing its bearings, with increasingly evident destructive effects.” How do I live as a disciple of Jesus in the midst of our current culture? This workshop will help you navigate the current culture in order to bear witness to the light of Christ.

You’ve had a conversion and you realize how many people don’t know Jesus or don’t know Him well enough. You want to be intentional, but not pushy. You want to live a life set apart, but still be relatable. But is it even possible? This workshop will help you accompany those people in your life and people that you meet. It will teach you what it means to witness to your faith and how to meet others where they’re at on your own journey of being a multiplying missionary disciple

We’ve all been there. You’ve been led by an excellent faith study leader where you felt engaged and excited, but then you start to lead your own faith study and no matter what you do, it isn’t the same. This workshop will provide you with expert advice to lead the best faith study, with participants who are excited to come back and whose lives are being changed week by week.

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  • Access to the Full Conference, includes:
  • Hot Brunches
  • New Years Eve Banquet
  • Main Sessions
  • Workshops

*Registrants are responsible for booking their own accommodations. Information on how to book a hotel room with preferred rates will be sent after registration.



  • Access to the Full Conference, includes:
  • Hot Brunches
  • New Years Eve Banquet
  • Main Sessions
  • Workshops

*Registrants are responsible for booking their own accommodations. Information on how to book a hotel room with preferred rates will be sent after registration.

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A deposit of $175 is required to confirm your registration for Rise Up 2023. Deposit must be paid before the payment deadline otherwise the price will increase to the next fee bracket. Full payment must be received by the subsequent deadline (ex: if you register before the Early Bird deadline, you must pay the deposit before September 15 and pay in full before November 15).

After November 15, full payment is required to confirm any new registrations. After December 15, all conference fees must be paid or registration is subject to cancellation.

Your Rise Up registration includes 3 hot brunches, New Year’s Eve banquet and entrance to all conference sessions.

Please email riseup@cco.ca to make any changes to your registration.

CCO is a registered Canadian charity and, as such, is bound by certain tax laws in regards to fundraising. These laws allow that only students involved in the local campus movement staffed by CCO missionaries to fundraise for Rise Up.

If you are enrolled in post-secondary studies, whether full-time or part-time, you are eligible to register at the student rate for the hotel or commuter conference packages. This includes seminarians and non-Canadian students. Note that when registering for a student package you will be required to enter the name of your post-secondary institution.

That’s up to you! CCO has a room block reserved with the Westin in Ottawa with a special rate, but you can decide to stay elsewhere if you like.

Log back in to your registration using the information received in your confirmation email to cancel your registration yourself. If you have any issues doing this successfully, please email riseup@cco.ca. 

Cancellations received before September 15, will receive a full refund less $25. After September 15 and before November 15 you will receive a full refund less $75. On or after November 15 and before December 15 you will receive a full refund less $175. Cancellations received on or after December 15, will not be eligible for refunds and you will be expected to pay the full conference fee.

Yes, registration includes three hot brunches (for December 29th, 30th, and January 1st) and the New Year’s Eve banquet dinner. Participants are expected to look after all other meals which occur during the break times of the conference.

Certainly! This event is meant to gather young adults from across the country, including students from university or college campuses where CCO missionaries are not present. You are welcome!

Definitely! Rise Up is a conference for young adults aged 18-35, whether they are students or not. Everyone can benefit from the opportunity to encounter Jesus and be inspired as a leader in the renewal of the world.

Participants must be 18 or older at the time of the conference to attend Rise Up; high school students 18 or over may attend, otherwise we do not accept registrations from high school students.
You will receive a link for booking hotel rooms when you register for Rise Up.


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Sponsorship not only allows you to promote your community or organization with young Catholics, but it also enables CCO to offer a high-quality conference experience while helping reduce the cost for the student participants. Your sponsorship can change the hearts and minds of those who attend. You can help point them towards Jesus and his mission for them and help form Canada’s future leaders.

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