Rise Up Schedule


Thursday, December 28th, 2017 / Jeudi 28 décembre 2017

3-7:00 pm

  • Registration/Inscription

7:30 pm

  • Opening Session:
    Dominion from Sea to Sea / Session d’ouverture: Qu’il règne d’un océan à l’autre (in English/en anglais)
    Lisa Canning
    Co-founder of UEvangelize / Co-fondatrice de UEvangelize

Friday, December 29th, 2017 / Vendredi 29 décembre 2017

8:00 am

  • Rosary (optional) in Chapel/ Chapelet (optionnel) dans la Chapelle

8:30 am

  • Mass/ Messe
    Celebrant: Bishop Christian Riesbeck
    Archdiocese of Ottawa/ Archdiocèse d’Ottawa

9:45 am

  • Session 2: Pursued from Sea to Sea / 2e conférence: Courtisés d’un océan à l’autre (in English & French/en anglais et français)
    Immaculee Ilabigiza
    Author & Catholic Speaker / Auteure et Conférencière Catholique

10:45 am

  • Brunch

12:15 pm

  • Session 3: Dominion of Our Hearts / 3e conférence: Qu’il règne dans nos coeurs (in English/en anglais)
    Fr. Mark Goring, CC
    Director, Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston / Directeur du Catholic Charismatic Center à Houston

1:30 pm

  • Afternoon Break/Après-midi libre

7:00 pm

  • Session 4: The Surrender / 4e conference: L’abandon (in English/en anglais)
    Ken Yasinski
    Catholic Speaker & Founder of FacetoFace Ministries / Conférencier catholique et fondateur de FacetoFace Ministries
    (Adoration, Praise & Worship and the Sacrament of Reconciliation) (Adoration, louange et sacrement de la réconciliation)

Saturday, December 30th, 2017 / Samedi 30 décembre 2017

8:00 am

  • Rosary (optional) in Chapel/ Chapelet (optionnel) dans la Chapelle

8:30 am

  • Praise & Worship/ Louange

9:00 am

  • Session 5: An Empire of Encounter / 5e conférence: Un empire de foi (in French/en français)
    Archbishop Paul-André Durocher, Archdiocese of Gatineau/Archidiocèse de Gatineau

10:00 am

  • Brunch

11:30 am

  • Praise & Worship/ Louange
  • Session 6: The Battlefield of Our Hearts / 6e conférence: Le champ de bataille dans nos coeurs (in English/en anglais)
    Fr. Raymond de Souza
    Editor-in-Chief Convivium Magazine & Columnist, National Post / rédacteur en chef – revue Convivium et chroniqueur au National Post

1:15 pm

  • Afternoon Break/ Après-midi libre

4:30 pm

  • Alumni Dinner/ Souper des anciens de CCO Mission-campus

6:30 pm

  • Anticipated Mass/ Messe anticipée

7:45 pm

  • Session 7: Agents of Dominion / 7e conférence: Agents de Dieu (in English/en anglais)
    Bishop Scott McCaig, CC
    Bishop, Military Ordinariate of Canada / Évêque, Ordinariat Militaire Catholique Romaine du Canada

Sunday, December 31st, 2017 / Dimanche 31 décembre 2017

8:00 am

  • Rosary (optional) in Chapel/Chapelet (optionnel) dans la Chapelle

8:30 am

  • Praise & Worship/ Louange

9:15 am

  • Workshops: Personal Development / Ateliers : Développement personnel

    PD1: Don’t be a spiritual fence sitter/Ne demeurez pas indécis dans votre foi – Amanda Chan, Director of Evangelization at St. John Bosco Parish, SK
    PD2: Why Can’t We Be Friends: Religion & Science – Dr. Samantha Anderson, PhD
    PD3: Why Does It Matter: Mass on Sundays – Fr. Toby Collins, Vocation Director, Congregation of the Resurrectionists
    PD4: Meeting God in the Silence, Fr. Cristino Bouvette, Director of Vocations, Diocese of Calgary
    PD5: Why is it so Difficult? Overcoming Challenges in the Spiritual Life, Fr. John O’Brien, Chaplain, Campion College at the University of Regina
    PD6: Encountering the Heart of the Father in the Poorest of the Poor, TBA
    PD7: Irrépressible: vivre avec le l’Esprit Saint /Unstoppable: Living with the Holy Spirit, Remy Takam (CCO Missionary)
    PD8: Sainthood Exposed, Benjamin Turland (CCO Missionary)

10:30 am

Break, workshop change/Pause, changement d’atelier

11:00 am

  • Workshops: Living our Apostolate / Ateliers : Vivre notre apostolate

    LA1: Catholics Should be the Best at Dating – Lisa & Josh Canning, Co-founders at UEvangelize.org
    LA2: A Muslim, a Jew, and a Catholic Walk into a Bar – Dr. Andrew Bennett, Program Director for Cardus Law & Chair of the Cabinet of Canadians for Cardus’ Faith in Canada 150
    LA3: Parish Renewal/Renouveau paroissial – Michael Dopp, President, Mission of the Redeemer Ministries
    LA4: Gender Ideology: Responding with Charity, Clarity, and Compassion – Hudson Byblow, Catholic Speaker, Author & Consultant
    LA5: Discovering the Feminine Genius & the Gift that Women are to the Church – Christine Labrosse, Consultant to Women’s Staff for NET Canada
    LA6: Real Marriage and Unwrapping #relationshipgoals – Jeff & Renee Lockert, CCO President & First Lady
    LA7: Building Authentic Friendships – Carissa Benavides & Mark Suezo (CCO Missionaries)
    LA8: How to Be a Real Change in the World / Comment avoir un vrai impact dans le monde – Alissa Golob, RightNow

12:15 pm

  • Afternoon Break/ Après-midi libre

1:30 pm

  • Optional Vocations Session/ Atelier optionnel sur les vocations

5:00 pm

  • New Year’s Anticipated Mass/Messe du Nouvel AnCelebrant & Homilist: Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, SJ, Archdiocese of Ottawa / Archdiocèse d’Ottawa

7:00 pm

  • New Year’s Eve Banquet & Dance
    Founders’ Address/ Discours des fondatrice: (in English/en anglais) Angele Regnier, Author & Co-Founder of CCO / Auteure et cofondatrice de CCO Mission-campus

Monday, January 1st, 2018 / Lundi 1 janvier 2018

9:30 am

  • Brunch
    Closing Session/ Session de fermeture

12:00 pm

  • Conference ends/ Fin du congrès
We bring together hundreds of Catholic young adults
for an extraordinary conference.