Personal Development

Don't be a Spiritual Fence Sitter

Why Can't We Be Friends: Religion & Science

Why Does It Matter: Mass on Sundays

Meeting God in the Silence

Why is it so Difficult? Overcoming Challenges in the Spiritual Life

“You did it to Me” (Mt 25:40) – The Joy of Encountering Christ in the Poor

Unstoppable: Living with the Holy Spirit

Sainthood Exposed

You&Me - the exhibit

Living Your Apostolate

Catholics Should be the Best at Dating

A Muslim, a Jew, and a Catholic Walk into a Bar

Parish Renewal

Gender Ideology: Responding with Charity, Clarity, and Compassion

Discovering the Feminine Genius & the Gift that Women are to the Church

#relationshipgoals - the secrets to a lifelong dynamic marriage

Building Authentic Friendships

How to Be a Real Change in the World

You&Me - the exhibit

We bring together hundreds of Catholic young adults
for an extraordinary conference.

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