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About the SLG

The CCO Student Leadership Gathering (SLG) is a one-time event in anticipation of Rise Up returning in 2023. Bringing students from CCO Campuses from all across Canada, the SLG will hone in on growing participants as missionary disciples. There will be a particular emphasis on the importance of growing in holiness through personal prayer, inviting others into a personal relationship with Jesus, relying on the Holy Spirit to strengthen and sharpen participants and their proclamation. Participants will walk out much more confident in their ability to proclaim Jesus and in their identity as a missionary disciple.

Who can attend?
Students on CCO staffed campuses and CCO Connect campuses

When is it?
Monday, January 2 – Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Where will it be?
Hyatt Regency Hotel in Calgary, AB


Day 1

Monday, January 2nd

3 PM: Hotel and Gathering 
Check-in begins

Session 1: Opening Night

Day 2

Tuesday, January 3rd

Session 2: Personal Prayer—Conversation with Jesus

Session 3: All that Matters—A Command of the Kerygma

Session 4: You Will Receive Power—The Holy Spirit and the Missionary Life

Day 3

Wednesday, January 4th

Session 5: The Power of Entrustment—Evangelization is not enough

Session 6: Go, Do, Say

3 PM: Event ends


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