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Waiting on God

By Gigi Labranche God this summer has given me the chance to reflect on my life and has taught me patience. Since summer started, finding a second job has been the only thing on my mind until recently. Through stressing, I had lost faith, had doubted Him

A Future Full of Grace and Love

Today is exactly one month until the day I will be entering the Sacrament of Marriage with Timothy Killoran! I am very excited for July 23rd to come for many reasons! Getting married is one of those things you think about your whole life! Many young women

Family, My 30th Birthday, and Rise Up

Rise Up always falls between Christmas and New Years (Dec 28-Jan1), which is also often a special time for families. For the last 10 years, since 2002, I have celebrated my birthday(Dec 30) away from my family and at CCO’s Rise Up Conference (except for ’08 when

Vacation Christianity


Time to get away from it all! Well, maybe not everything. Some of us have been laboring at our summer semester studies, others at our summer jobs. Some have been laboring on a nice iced drink while on a  summer getaway. No matter what kind of summer

Lost Causes

For 8 years I worked in the construction industry as a fire sprinkler fitter.  During that time I interacted on a day to day basis with a rough group of men.  It would almost seem that the industry and men working in it produced not only new

Abandonment: Abraham's Challenging Example

The story of Abraham has been on my heart and mind this last week, and was the focus of our Recent Staff Retreat. It’s worth a read: Gen. 12-22 is the core of the story, culminating in the story of Abraham and Isaac in ch.22. Each of

He didn’t Have a Home

RIP Travers

On February 9th I received a tearful call from a UBC student.  The voice on the other end of the line was clearly upset and emotional; she had phoned to tell me that, Trevor, the man in the SUB passed away.  I was moved by this student’s compassion and