Struggling to trust God is a universal experience as a result of Original Sin. Many people are slowed in their spiritual growth—or even turn away from God completely—because they feel they can’t trust God. Trust seeks to inspire participants to relate to God as a good Father who is eminently trustworthy. It invites them to personally entrust their whole lives to God’s providential care. The faith study addresses the following topics:

  • God’s nature and our relationship with him as his adopted children.
  • The relationship between trust, freedom and obedience.
  • Understanding how God’s providence moves us towards our ultimate perfection.
  • The call to childlike abandonment.
  • Trusting God’s provision in life’s major challenges and daily struggles.
  • Two particular topics that often cause struggle: human sexuality and vocation.


  1. Trust, Identity and Freedom
    Our trust in God is established upon God’s goodness and our identity.
  2. Trust, Freedom and Obedience
    Greater trust leads to freedom and obedience.
  3. Trusting God with Life’s Major Challenges
    We can trust God with life’s biggest questions.
  4. Trusting God with Daily Challenges
    God’s providence extends to our daily lives.
  5. Entrustment
    A personal invitation to trust God.
  6. Trusting God’s Plan for Human Sexuality
    Trusting God’s plan for love, marriage and sex.
  7. Trusting God’s Plan for My Vocation
    Trusting God’s plan for my future. Note: This lesson is mandatory for CCO Campus groups, optional but recommended for other contexts.