Who We Are

Mission Statement

Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) is a university student movement dedicated to evangelization. We challenge young adults to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world. CCO was founded by André and Angèle Regnier in 1988 at the University of Saskatchewan. From the humble beginnings of a handful of students, the movement now serves thousands of students across Canada.


The Five Tenets

CCO was founded on five tenets, powerful truths about our specific charism as revealed by the Holy Spirit in the early years of the movement. Over the years, these essential tenets have been used to direct our ministry and form our missionary call.

University Students

At a time when young people are making decisions that shape the course of their lives, we can introduce them to Jesus and help them become leaders who will renew the world.

The Gospel Clear & Simple

Our faith is based on a personal, life-giving encounter with Christ. We present the Gospel message in a relevant and straightforward way.

One Person at a Time

We believe each individual matters and should have the chance to hear about God’s love and mercy. We invest through personal ministry and discipleship, taking the time to accompany young adults as they draw closer to Christ.

A Heart for the World

CCO has a heart for the world, aware that salvation is offered through Christ for all people. We reach out with the Great Commission in mind.

Great Expectations

God has done such great things in our midst, and we have so much hope for what He can do in and through us. We trust in His faithfulness and approach ministry with great expectations.

Three Pillars of CCO


The three pillars of CCO are to proclaim, equip, and commission. It is our belief that a clear and simple proclamation of the Good News of Jesus is urgently needed in the world, even among Catholics; this is the mandate of the new evangelization. Having proclaimed the Gospel, we then seek to equip those who have experienced conversion with the necessary skills to evangelize others. Our method is one that cooperates with the Holy Spirit in hope that supporters and friends will internalize and put into action the great task Jesus gave his disciples, “to go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18).

Our goal is not just to share the message of Jesus, but to spread His mission. This mission is to form apostles – believers who, through the empowerment and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, send others to proclaim the message.

We’re reaching out to university students with the
life-changing message of God’s love and mercy.