Board of Directors


Debra Proulx, Chair of the Board

Quebec City, ECDQ Producer (French Catholic TV)
Board member since 2010

Serving on the Board allows me to feel and be part of the Church of Canada, from coast to coast.  With CCO I keep in touch with, work with, and pray with people of great quality whom I am blessed to call friends.

My faith has been such a source of joy, comfort, and personal growth in my life that I wish the same for everyone. Every opportunity to bring Christ to the world and especially to young people must be seized. I admire the courage and faith of CCO missionaries in their commitment, against the logic of today’s world.

Bishop Scott McCaig, CC

Ottawa, Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Canada
Previously the General Superior for the Companions of the Cross
Board member since 2013

I became acquainted with CCO more than 25 years ago and have seen more lives transformed than I can count. In my opinion it is one of the most effective ministries I have ever seen. It is a privilege to be part of the movement!

Fr. Raymond De Souza

Kingston, Queen’s University Chaplain, Editor Convivium Magazine, Writer
Contributor to the National Post, Catholic Register, etc. Teaches Economics at Queen’s
Board member since 2014

CCO has transformed our chaplaincy at Queen’s University and serving on the Board grants me more regular contact with our missionaries, who never fail to inspire me with their sacrificial commitment to preach the Gospel on campus.  There are vibrant communities of faith on so many campuses, thanks in large part to the vision and work of CCO. That’s very good news about the future of the Good News in Canada.

Pamela Ho

Vancouver, Property Management
She has served several terms on a number of advisory boards of the Archdiocese of Vancouver
Board member since 2012

Pamela Ho has been dedicated to evangelization, and has been involved in promoting faith studies and bible studies.  She has a heart to inspire young adults to develop a close personal relationship with Jesus.

In her own words, serving as a member of the Board allows her to do this: “ Responding to Christ Jesus’ invitation to cooperate with Him in the saving of souls, I support the CCO missionaries in spreading the Good News to young people, to build the Kingdom of God.”

Dr. Marcel D’Eon

Saskatoon, Professor
University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine
Editor, Canadian Medical Education Journal
Board member since 2016

Christian mission has been a part of my life for a long time and serving on the CCO Board of Directors is a natural extension of this. My connection to CCO goes back to the beginning when André and Angèle were members of our parish and, together with my wife, we cheered on the establishment of CCO.  How wonderful to have been there at the beginning, and be able to be a part of it now.

I think the mission of CCO is important because the message of the gospel needs to be presented and proclaimed to young people in a strong, positive light. We need to have clear, viable, and compelling alternatives to popular culture.  CCO accomplishes both of these.

Shannon MacDonald

Toronto, Retired partner, Deloitte
Board member since 2017

CCO’s mission is important because university and college years are very challenging socially, academically and spiritually.  Challenging times are when we most need to work on our faith, or even explore that we have faith.  Leaving space in busy university and college schedules for discussions around faith is a critical development step for a well-rounded leader in society.

The challenges in life while pursuing higher education are overwhelming, and sometimes it is easier to follow than to lead.  Without a clear faith-based path to follow, many young people will stray to other paths.  I wish that I had had more meaningful faith discussions with my peers when I was at that age, to help me with many of my own decisions. Making CCO more accessible and available to this generation is of great interest to me so I am happy for the opportunity to serve on the Board.

John Stevens

Halifax, Manager, Office of Pastoral Life & New Evangelization, Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth
Board member since 2017

I have always been drawn to the mission and passion for evangelization that CCO has.  I believe serving on the board allows an opportunity to answer this longstanding call and contribute to the mission of Catholic Christian Outreach in a meaningful way.

I think the mission of CCO is important because challenging students to the fullness of faith in order to be leaders in the renewal of the world is more important now than it has ever been. The institutions and cultural supports that once buoyed Catholicism in Canada have largely eroded and the whole church needs to learn again how to propose the Gospel clearly and simply. The church, and the world, also needs leaders ready to step in and approach things from a perspective of evangelization and not self-preservation. CCO students can be those leaders.

We’re reaching out to university students with the
life-changing message of God’s love and mercy.