A prayer life that is Vibrant,
Personal &

This Lent,

take the opportunity to grow your relationship with God through a style of daily prayer that will change your life. So often, as Catholics, we let Lent slip by and say, “Next year,” but this year, we want to help you learn how to pray in a way that leaves you feeling refreshed, restored, and excited.

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Here is How it works

Every week, we will email you a short 10-15 min video from Andre Regnier, Co-Founder of CCO. He will share his insights based on 35 years of working in ministry and over 40 years of walking daily with Jesus. The topics include:

  • What prayer is
  • How to approach praying as a relationship, not simply a duty
  • How to be honest and vulnerable in prayer
  • How to worship God in prayer
  • How to listen and hear God in prayer
  • How to journal
  • How to bring your prayer into your life

A few days later, you will get an email with a few tips on implementing Andre’s lessons. 

Finally, if you feel that you are struggling and want some more personal advice, you can email us at prayer@cco.ca, and every Friday, Andre will do a YouTube Live video where he answers your questions on prayer. 

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Make the most of Andre’s lessons with CCO’s prayer booklet and prayer journal

The CCO prayer booklet walks you through how to have an intimate, vibrant and life-giving prayer time. The Prayer Journal allows you to implement those lessons through guided prayer time.

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