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Christian Javier

Campus Missionary

Concordia University

For most of my life, my faith was nothing more than a family tradition. I was told that faith, family and school were to be my top priorities, but faith was merely an obligation I had to fulfill. As a teenager, I joined a youth group and my faith shifted from being a tradition to chasing spiritual highs from retreats and conferences. Going into university, I wondered if this supposed “priority” could ever be more than this. In my search for something more, I was invited to take CCO’s Discovery faith study with the Catholic chaplaincy at McMaster University. This started the four year journey of slowly opening the door of my heart to Jesus’ love and mercy. After an endless cycle of letting Jesus into my heart and pushing Him out, it was only until Rise Up 2019, during a night of confession and adoration, that I had fully opened the doors of my heart to Christ. Finally, I was no longer pursuing the “feeling of Christ”, but an intimate relationship with the person of Christ. Finally, I was home.

Through CCO’s faith studies, Rise Up conference, Be The Light mission, and beautiful witness of CCO missionaries, I took a leap of faith and by the grace of God, became apart of the CCO staff family. As a Campus Missionary, I hope to show university students that our beautiful Catholic faith is so much more than just a family tradition, a spiritual high or a set of moral rules. At the core of our faith is a personal relationship with Jesus, the One who longs to give them His abundant love and mercy everyday.


Please pray for all the students who have yet to encounter Christ and all of CCO’s student leaders, missionaries and supporters across the world. May we all become leaders in the renewal of the world!

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