the Ultimate Relationship

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The Ultimate Relationship™ booklet is CCO’s premier evangelistic tool that presents the Gospel clearly and simply, providing an opportunity to respond to Christ’s invitation to a personal relationship.

The Ultimate Relationship booklet provides a method for anyone to be able to share the Gospel message in a clear, simple and personal way. It invites the listener to respond in faith to Christ’s invitation to relationship. It takes only minutes to share and is effective in missionary and outreach efforts.

Ready to share the Ultimate Relationship?

UR Training Videos

Kate and Jen demonstrate how to share the Ultimate Relationship booklet confidently, clearly, and simply.

Andrew shares the Ultimate Relationship booklet with Tim and includes extra techniques such as the Bridge analogy.

UR Training Resources

This training handout shows the Ultimate Relationship booklet can be used as an effective tool in evangelization. It touches on how the Ultimate Relationship helps us overcome common barriers in evangelization and equips us to do it well.

This handout teaches how to share the Ultimate Relationship booklet page by page. It explains what is modelled in the two training videos.