Ian Anderson

Director, Human Resources
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Leadership? Me? I’m always astounded when I reflect on how God’s work in my life began, and continues, in calling me to leadership. As a teenager, I was such a shy, fearful kid that the only sufficient explanation for the man I am today is the grace of God! He knew that within me there was the potential to be bold, courageous even, and called it out of me.

When I was 15, a summer camp director assigned me as a team leader for the week. This was a terrifying proposition at the time. I remember thinking about all the great saints who’d done so much despite being so little, because of their trust in God. So, I figured, “okay, maybe I can trust Him.” I prayed for Him to take the lead on my leadership and, honestly, I’ve never looked back.

He has proven His faithfulness time and again, from that glorious summer where He freed me from crippling fear, to the everyday need for His guidance and inspiration in evangelizing university students. Knowing how deeply He loves me, and with confidence that He can do “immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine” (Eph 3:20), I’ve been transformed in countless ways to be able to grow into the missionary He created me to be. I look forward to His continued work and transformation in my life, to His greater glory and for the salvation of souls!

Few things get me more excited than helping someone learn to communicate the Gospel clearly and simply. You can almost see in those moments the whole crowd of souls that could be reached with the love of God through that one person. And, if they learn to be able to equip others to share the Gospel as well, multiplying their efforts, the possibilities are endless. Is it a surprise, then, that I love my role in CCO? As ministry training specialist, I get to have exactly those moments every single day. I’m blessed to train our new campus missionaries through our year-round internship program and also get to mentor students on affiliated campuses across the country through CCO Connect.


For my wife, Samantha, and I to always grow in following God’s lead personally, together, and with whatever children He chooses to bless us with.

For missionaries everywhere, whether ordained, consecrated or the laity, to rely more deeply on the Holy Spirit for all their needs and inspiration every day.

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