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“I will go wherever You (God) want me to go, I will do whatever You want me to do, I will say whatever You want me to say:” these words from CCO’s Apostles’ Prayer serve as a rallying cry for all CCO missionaries daily. They lead us to surprising and unexpected places, whether it be to a life-changing conversation with a stranger on a bus or to saying “yes” to the next role needed in the movement until becoming the Director of Human Resources. For some, that’s also a “yes” to take what they’ve learned in CCO to build up another part of God’s Kingdom after their time with us is done.

It’s humbling to see how God has taken the brash young man I was when I began as a missionary in 2010 and formed me into someone ready to “go, do, and say” whatever is needed to recruit, retain, and form missionaries for the renewal of the world. I see it as a deepening of what He called me too initially. In 2010, I was excited to go to the deep places and intentionally accompany my students to Jesus and through the issues facing young men on campus. Today, He calls me to do the same thing, but accompanying instead CCO’s missionaries past, present and future in the challenges and issues facing them. In it all, the constant is that He’s called me to participate in His plan for people’s lives, and in all humility play the part He’s asking me to. That and also to become well-versed in employment law and HR best practices – to ensure CCO is a world-class place to live out a missionary career and call.”


That CCO’s missionaries past, present, and future be nothing but the gift to the Church’s mission of renewing the world that God calls them to be. That our training and formation would continue to evolve and improve in caring for and forming our staff in holiness, mission, and human maturity. That more and more Catholics give their “yes” to go, do, and say whatever God is calling them to.

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