Ignatian Discernment (With bonus workshop!)

Discernment is about making a decision between two things. St. Ignatius has given us three ways to determine what the Lord is saying and how He is calling us to act. This teaser episode recaps what Angèle discussed in her Rise Up 2019 workshop.

The Rise Up Report

This week Andre and Angèle discuss Rise Up, CCO’s yearly national Catholic young adult conference. God very clearly challenged us to build the city of God inside the city of man, echoing the words of Pope St. John Paul II in at World Youth Day Toronto 2002.

Campus Phases: Preparation

In this episode, Angèle is joined by Holly Leonard and Joel Regnier to discuss the first of the campus phases: preparation. Team bonding, time for prayer and planning, and outlining and delegating tasks set you up to do well in the next phases. These phases are cyclical,

Great Expectations

Angèle, Holly and Jackie discuss Great Expectations. How do you think about and approach your people in a place of hope and faith? It’s a mindset, but also an attitude.


Andre and Angèle are joined by Fr. Sean Wagner, CC, to discuss conversion—the heart of evangelization. As missionary disciples, we must remember that Jesus can and does change lives; this is the good news everyone is looking for.

Evangelli Gaudium and the New Evangelization

This week we have a very special guest with us, Bp. Christian Riesbeck, CC, to discuss a 2013 apostolic exhortation by Pope Francis on “the church’s primary mission of evangelization in the modern world.” This document is especially important to CCO, and as we speak we have

Campus Phases: Continuation and Celebration

How do you keep momentum when your faith study is winding down? How do you celebrate conversion? This week, Angéle, Joel and Holly discuss the practical, tangible ways they have lived out the continuation and celebration phases on campus. These phases take CCO from a club on

Campus Phases: Integration

Integration Phase is when big asks are made of students on campus. It’s the next big step in accompanying them in their growth in holiness and mission. It means moving from being a participant in a program to a member of the movement.

Prophetic Listening: The Skills (2/2)

Andre, Angèle, and Holly continue the conversation from last week on Prophetic Listening. This week, we focus on the skills involved: building rapport, surveying, zooming-in, and strengthening.