Saints and Superheroes – Rise Up Toronto 2019

Superheroes. What makes them so inspiring? Their stories so captivating? And how do these aspects relate to the saints and how their lives resonate with ours? In this workshop, Nathan Gibbard, campus minister at Ryerson University and self-proclaimed “all-purpose geek”, talks about the saints and superheroes –

How to Cultivate a Daily Prayer Life – Rise Up Toronto 2019

We’re now on our summer schedule and have a full flight of talks for you from our Rise Up Toronto 2019 Conference. On this episode, CCO co-founder Andre Regnier gives an engaging workshop on cultivating a daily prayer life. He shares some personal experiences and gives practical

Healthy Teams

Evangelization often requires working in teams. It is essential that each team member shares the same vision so that all are working towards the same goal. Today, Angele is joined by Michael Hall and Eloisa Greenwald to discuss how to establish and maintain healthy teams.