Intentional Accompaniment: Intercession

Childlike trust in the Father is at the heart of intercession, and intentional accompaniment. It takes grit, persistence, and trust in the Lord to ask Him for great things, entrusting those we pray for to Him.

Intentional Accompaniment in Discovery S2E4

Intentional Accompaniment in Discovery | Missionary Disciple Podcast S2E4 Today on the #MDP, André is joined by Holly Leonard and Eric Filion, both missionaries with Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO). The Discovery faith study is a great place where we can accompany those on the peripheries who don’t

Activation – Part 2, Sowing Broadly

Michelle Gallagher joins Andre and Angele to follow up on last week’s discussion on the “Activation” phase . This conversation focuses on the principle of “Sowing Broadly”.


Andre and Angele are joined by Michelle Gallagher to discuss “Activation” – a crucial phase in CCO’s evangelization on campus.