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Healthy Teams

Evangelization often requires working in teams. It is essential that each team member shares the same vision so that all are working towards the same goal. Today, Angele is joined by Michael Hall and Eloisa Greenwald to discuss how to establish and maintain healthy teams.

The Art of Asking God Good Questions

How do we navigate the “sacred ground of the other”? It is important to be reverant and sensitive when approaching those we are accompanying on their journey with Christ. Today, Holly, Andre and Eric discuss the Art of Asking Good Questions to help us navigate opportunities to

Holy Week

Today, Andre, Angele and Fr. Sean Wenger discuss the Easter Triduum; the celebration of the Passion, death, and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Unpacking the beauty and mystery of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday, they give us ideas on how to enter into the

The Papal Altar Call

Evangelization can be an ambiguous goal in the Church. It can often be like blindly throwing darts at a bullseye; you might hit the target eventually, but a more strategic approach can save you a lot of time and energy. This week, Andre, Angele and Fr. Sean

Conversion: Heart, Will, and Mind

The #coronavirus gives us many opportunities to share the Gospel with those who are experiencing fear and uncertainty. Our faith can be a light in these dark times, but why are we evangelizing? The Church believes the goal of evangelization (i.e., the intention of spreading the Gospel,)

F. A. C. T.

Your movement is dependent on the quality of your leaders; It will only go as far as they take it. The selection of your leaders is vital! This week, Angéle, Holly and Michael dive into CCO’s model of selection: F. A. C. T.

Sharing your testimony

Do you know your testimony? The story of how you got from ‘there’ to ‘here’ is a fantastic tool we can use to accompany our people. This week, Angèle, Michael and Holly discuss how to share your testimony with those who need to hear it.

Missionary Culture

What is missionary culture? This week we will discuss how to develop a missionary culture in your organization or ministry. Culture is made up of what we celebrate, reward and tolerate within our organization; ultimately, these fuel our culture.

Living by Providence

Ultimately, we all live by Providence, trusting God for our needs. And for CCO missionaries, living by Providence has a distinct component: partnering with supporters who give the funds for missionary salaries and expenses. In this episode, Angele talks with Andrew Nobauer and Joseph Murphy about what

Missionary Culture

This podcast is a discussion about mission in the Church. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”; Often we spend a lot of time on strategy in our parishes only to be disappointed with the results. One reason may be a lack of culture to back us the strategy.