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Andrew Krol

Finance Manager

Finance and Properties

My Story

My wife, Hailey, and I met working for CCO and were married in 2013. We hope to continue serving with CCO for many years with our growing family.

I first started to understand the personal aspect of my faith as a teenager, but by the time I entered university, it seemed formulaic and unexciting to me. I connected with the team of CCO missionaries on my campus and joined a faith study, but I didn’t put any effort into it. However, I felt a tug at my heart when they invited me to serve on the CCO student executive in my second year.

As I became more involved in a leadership role, I felt more challenged to grow in my own faith. I was slow-going and slow-growing, but over the next few years I became more enthusiastic about my faith and started to really understand the importance of sharing my faith with others. By the time I realized how present God had been in my faith journey, He was already leading me further along and asking me to join CCO staff!

Life with CCO

I am a missionary on the Finance team, working in our National HQ in Ottawa. I love that I get to see and hear about so many young people placing Christ at the centre of their lives, and sharing in the joy of it with so many people–students, other CCO staff, and supporters. The missions that CCO organizes each year are a huge blessing and I’m so glad that they are happening. I grew so much through my own experience as a student on a CCO mission, and it’s amazing to see the places our missionaries go each year, and the great works they are able to do there.

I was excited to work for CCO from day one, but what the Lord has really shown me throughout my time on staff is how important my role is as a missionary–not just an office worker supporting missionaries in other places. Through the work that we all do, and the opportunities in our own lives and in our parishes, the Lord is inviting all of us to live a truly missionary identity!

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