My Story

While my faith was always present in my life, it wasn’t until I attended a retreat when I was 15 that I became aware of God’s crazy and inexplicable love for me. My only possible response was to give my life completely to Christ. After that, I was determined that everyone who met me would know that God loved them, either implicitly or explicitly. I served with various ministries over the years – both full time and part time – but I always felt as if there was something else God was calling me to. I just hadn’t found it yet. I first encountered CCO at a Rise Up conference in 2019 and I was blown away. In CCO, I found a movement that wanted to do what I did – share the love of God with every soul on Earth and invite them to respond.


My Mission

I love being a missionary! By giving my daily yes to Jesus, He is able to use me personally to bring others to Him, one heart at a time. I get to remind people, through my thoughts, words and actions, just how much Jesus loves them. Over and over again I see Him using something that I went through in the past, or a random side comment I don’t even remember saying, to break through people’s walls and bring them closer to an encounter with Him. I feel as if I have a front-row seat to seeing Jesus move in the hearts of the people around me and that is such a blessing!

Help Crissy Make Jesus Known

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