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Críostíona Ní Laimhín

Campus Vine Missionary

Carleton University

While my faith was something that was always present in my life, it wasn’t until I attended a retreat when I was 15 that I became aware of God’s crazy and inexplicable love for me! My only possible response was to give my life completely to Christ. I was determined that everyone who met me would know that God loved them, either implicitly or explicitly.

I began to serve with different ministries in Ireland part-time but as the years went on I realized that it wasn’t enough. I was watching friends attend Catholic events and have beautiful experiences of God’s love, only to return home and forget about it a few days later. There had to be more!

I first encountered CCO at Rise Up 2019. I was blown away! After almost 10 years in ministry, I had found a movement that wanted to do what I did – share the love of God with every soul on Earth and invite them to respond. They were changing lives.

This year I will be serving on campus at Carleton University. My hope for this time is the same as it was when I first gave my life to Jesus all those years ago. I want every person I meet (from the air-hostess on the plane to my supporters to the students on campus) to experience God’s love and move closer to Him.


Please pray for the people of Ireland that they have the courage to face their desire for God’s love and respond to it joyfully.

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