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Danielle Gaudet

Internship Trainer

Ministry Training and Program Development

My Story

I was born and raised in a Catholic home in Bellevue, Saskatchewan. My understanding of God was that He is good, and he watches over us. However, if anyone were to question my faith, they’d find that I was mainly Catholic because I was born into it – not from any strong conviction of the truth.

It was in first year university where I met CCO. I attended a CCO Fall Retreat, and during that weekend, encountered Jesus personally. I knew I was loved, fought for and redeemed. And I had a choice to either accept what Jesus did for me and live for Him, or to reject it. I chose to place Him at the centre of my life that day, and from then on, started to actively grow in my faith by taking the CCO faith study series, starting to pray, and go to mass more frequently.

After a year, I was challenged to lead a faith study with my peers. I never knew bringing Jesus to others could be so fulfilling until I started sharing my experience with others. My missionary heart was inflamed and hasn’t stopped since. I’m convicted that if we accompany one person at a time towards Christ, the world will be reached.

Working for CCO has allowed me to tour our country – and abroad. My first year working for CCO was in Halifax at the University of Dalhousie and St. Mary’s University. The following year, I moved to Calgary to work at the U of C where I have now been for five years. I’ve also been on mission to Vancouver, Poland, and Israel. I’m currently serve as the Team Leader at the University of Calgary.

One of best things about my job is being able to see the transformation in the lives of our students when they allow Jesus to come fully into their heart. I’ve seen students rise in leadership, grow in love for their peers, and respond courageously to bringing the Gospel to their friends – all because they first encountered Jesus.


For every student at the U of C to have the opportunity to encounter Christ during their time on campus.

For every Catholic to be convicted of the Church’s mission to Evangelize. For students respond courageously to the call of Christ to ‘make disciples of all nations’.

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