My Story

I grew up in a strong Catholic household, and I never minded going to Mass or even following the rules. Even so, my faith was lifeless. I knew it was right, and I knew our God *was* God, but it didn’t matter much to my day-to-day life. Finally, I decided to take the Discovery faith study. I didn’t expect too much; I figured I already knew about my faith. But the Lord had things to show me other than just the facts I knew! What caught my attention was the real and deep joy I could see so plainly in my faith study leader, the missionaries, and – to my surprise – the whole group! This joy was constant and tangible, unlike anything I’d ever seen before. I wanted it!

So I continued taking the faith studies, trying to find the source of this joy, and assuming it came from knowing more things about Jesus. I would often compare walking out of my faith studies and back to my classes to leaving a world of bright, vibrant colour and going back to black and white. But still, something was missing. Only when I was invited to lead my own faith study, to accompany other students through their own faith encounter, did I discover that that joy came from not only knowing who Jesus is but from then sharing Him with others. And I know, with that comes a joy that is real, lasting, and divine!

It is that joy that I want to share by working for CCO. The world needs it, and so do university students especially. Our God is so good, and most people either have the wrong idea of Him, or, like me, haven’t been given the tools to unlock His love in their lives. This is what I want to change and I fully believe CCO has been given the plan, resources, and power from God do just that!


May the Lord grant to His servants to speak His word with all boldness, while He stretches out His hand to heal, and signs and wonders are performed through the name of His holy servant, Jesus!

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