My Story

I have a close family, with one brother, one sister and 4 beautiful nieces that I love to spoil.

Jesus is my Lord and Saviour. He has been at the centre of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a home that encouraged us to know Christ in a personal way;  He was not only our Saviour, but our friend.

I never wandered from the Church, but as I grew in my faith I came to realize that I had to make choices that kept Christ at the centre of my life. That it is what I wanted. My parents also always encouraged us that our faith wasn’t our own; it was something to share. Evangelization was always a part of my faith.

I am currently the Director of Missions and Events for CCO. This means that I plan our annual Rise Up conference, and oversee all of our domestic and international mission projects such as: IMPACT, WYD pilgrimages, Africa mission, etc.

In working with CCO for over a decade, I have had so many highlights such as: traveling to different places – Europe, China, and Uganda – and working on campus or leading a mission. But, nothing ever out shines the joy and excitement of seeing someone come to know Christ for the first time.
In my role now, it is always a highlight to hear stories, from our Rise Up conference, of students giving their lives to the Lord for the first time. It is worth all the work and long hours that we put in. To see students respond is amazing. It is worth a lifetime of spreadsheets and number crunching!

CCO has had an enormous effect on people in my life. Through my relationship with my supporters, through prayer letters, thank you parties, and conversations, several of my supporters have gone on to share our Ultimate Relationship booklet with friends. Several priest supporters have used a powerpoint version of our materials in their homilies. Their heart for the lost has increased.

I have grown in leadership. In my career with CCO, I have been given so many leadership opportunities, and in so many different departments. I have grown in my own self-awareness as a leader, through both formation that I have received, and experiences I have been given.
I have also grown in my faith and trust of God. Living on providence has called me to a greater abandonment to God, and has also given me many opportunities to see God’s visible action in my life.


That I continue to encounter the Lord through my work and for more opportunities to share him with others

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