My Story

Growing up in a catholic household, I spent more time in church than anywhere else and I loved it. From reading at Sunday mass to attending weekday masses, church was my safe space. All that changed when I came to Canada and got caught up in the freedom and worldliness of university life. I started taking faith studies in my first year but my relationship with Jesus always felt hot and cold and despite my struggles with depression and isolation, Jesus never left my side. In my third year, a CCO missionary gave me a personal invitation to a conference held by CCO and it was at this conference that I decided to put Jesus at the centre of my life and I realized my desire for a personal relationship with Him. Rediscovering Jesus’s love and forgiveness transformed me. Where I used to feel lonely and isolated, I now feel peace and joy. Through it all, I’ve learned that Jesus is always waiting with open arms, ready to offer peace and purpose to anyone who seeks Him.

My Mission

I cannot wait to meet students and experience firsthand the awakening of their love for Jesus and His presence in their lives. CCO has been changing lives and it has definitely changed mine. The call to be a vessel for the Lord is something remarkable. As a campus missionary at Carleton University, my mission is to lead others to encounter Jesus in a transformative way, leaving them hungry for more of His goodness and glory. Experiencing the depth of Christ’s love and grace is life-changing, and I am passionate about guiding others on this journey of discovery. Through intentional relationships, authentic faith-sharing, and a shared love for Jesus, I aim to create spaces where students can personally and profoundly encounter Jesus. My ultimate goal is to ignite a passion for Christ within students that propels them to seek and experience the fullness of life found in HIM, answering the church’s call for NEW Evangelization.

Help Laurine Make Jesus Known

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