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Michael Sloan

Campus Missionary

University of Victoria

In 2013, I moved to Kingston to study at Queen’s University. This was a new and exciting experience for me. But when my parents left me in my dorm room on the first day of school, I was immediately overcome by loneliness. I began to fill the void which I was feeling with the wrong things and was miserable because of it.

I decided to share my struggles with a friend at the Catholic Chaplaincy. He assured me that I was not alone and then offered me a book called Restored by Matt Fradd. In the book, there was one line that changed the course of my life forever. He wrote “If we are ever to be free… we first need to hear that the Father loves us.”

I began to pray that God would reveal his love to me. I prayed every day for three months and heard nothing. It was at Rise Up, CCO’s annual New Year’s conference, that God finally gave me the affirmation which I was looking for. It was as if I heard him say: “Michael. You are my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” These words changed my life. They helped to realize that God’s love for me is not dependent on who I am, but rather, on who he is as a loving father.

I am so excited to be working with CCO at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. This movement has played a huge role in my formation as a Christian disciple and I cannot wait to watch the Lord work in the lives of the students I will reach through this ministry. My hope is that my witness will encourage others to become leaders for the renewal of the world.


Please pray for my family and for my ministry, that God would work in the hearts of all those I hope to reach in the coming year.

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