My Story

I was born and raised in a loving Catholic family. I am so lucky to have my parents — Sheila and Ian as well as younger siblings — Carla and Miguel in my life. They each play a big role in shaping the person that I am today.

Being Catholic all my life, my relationship with Christ did not start until I was in grade three. He became a big part of my life when I encountered His love after I asked Him to help and save my mom’s life during a critical operation of removing stones from her gallbladder. My mom’s “second life” has been a testament of God’s goodness and faithfulness. It is a reminder of His great power. I then placed God at the center of my life when I went to confession about 5 years ago. God’s love and mercy spoke to me in a profound way. He asked me to let Him into my heart and trust that He will fill the darkness with His light. After keeping in the anger and frustrations about not knowing what to do with my life and not having control over it, I gave Him my full “yes”. Recently, He asked me more — “how far will you go?” and “how deep?” Now, here I am, giving my full “yes” again. This time, it’s for the mission of CCO and the need of the Catholic Church to bring as many souls to a life changing encounter with Jesus. I’ve moved out of fear and anxiety with my feet gently tapping the water to test the oceans into complete freedom, diving into the deepest of waters.

A new chapter has started for me with CCO at University of Victoria! The next three years of my life are now dedicated for a soul (hopefully more) to come back home to our Heavenly Father. I am crazy excited to share and tell the students how good the Father is through the signs and wonders He’s constantly showing me everyday. When I see students on campus, I don’t only resonate with the loneliness and anxiety that university may bring but my heart feels the pain of their souls yearning for God. My personal mission is to intentionally accompany a student/s from not knowing God to someone who will also lay down his/her life to the coming home of souls.


Please pray for the students we’ll encounter at University of Victoria. Pray that they may hear the Gospel, live in the fullness of the Catholic faith, respond with a “yes” to be the leaders they are called to be for the renewal of the world. Also, please pray that students and/or anyone suffering loneliness and anxiety find peace, clarity and courage through our God.

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