My Story

My family is a little bit complicated, but that is just because there are two of them! I was raised as an only child in a wonderful adopted family in a small town in Saskatchewan. Since the age of sixteen, I have also been an older sister in my biological family. My brother and sister are both married and I am now an Auntie to three littles!

From a very young age, my relationship with Jesus has been a constant in my life. Even in the midst of much turmoil, I have always been able to find peace with the Lord. I grew up reading Scripture and talking to Jesus as I learned more about Him through the Word. As a young teen, my life got turned upside down with the loss of a grandparent, the separation of my parents, the addictions of my father, a move from the community I was raised in, meeting my biological family, and clinical depression. In the midst of all of these struggles, I fought for some semblance of control, and repeatedly felt like I was failing. I was attending a youth retreat one weekend and the pastor quoted 1Peter 5: 7, “Cast all your worries upon him because he cares for you.” That night, I had a profound encounter with the Lord as I learned of His love in a new way and, for the first time, what it really meant to surrender to Him. Since that time, I have continued to seek to surrender all to Him because, in Him, I have found a love that never fails. He is my Lord and Savior, my joy, my hope, and my strength. Jesus, to me, is life!

On Staff With CCO

Over my years with CCO I have been a campus worker and Campus Team Leader. My current role is CCO’s Special Projects Coordinator. In this particular role I have the opportunity to work with our partners overseas, mentoring them as they build movements on campuses in their countries.

After thirteen years of being a missionary there are so many highlights to choose from! One of the more recent highlights would be the five months of 2015 that I spent in Uganda. It was a great challenge and a great blessing to be able to immerse myself in the culture. I quickly came to see that the concerns of university students are very similar across cultures. One particular joy for me was working with a young lady named Judith on her testimony. She had a very profound encounter with Jesus through Discovery and it was amazing to help her put words to her experience!

I have had the opportunity of participating in many mission projects over the years, here in Canada as well as in Australia, Uganda, and Ireland. Missions are an incredible place to witness dramatic transformations in the lives of students. Students grow in confidence as they step out in faith to share Jesus with others and in the process they make lifelong friendships and memories.

I have really grown up in CCO in every way. I have grown in leadership, and particularly in confidence, through so many of my experiences with CCO. This has come, mostly, by being stretched to do things that were just a little out of my comfort zone! The Lord has used CCO in my life to reveal so much about who I am – both the gifts and strengths that I have to offer – but also about my weaknesses and limitations; I am thankful for both! I have grown through the fellowship and the support of the CCO family. Above all, though, my faith has been strengthened and enriched through the formation, and the experiences, that CCO has given to me. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I were not called to CCO!


That under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit I might continue to have the courage to follow where the Lord will lead me and that in all that I do that I might bring glory to His name!

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