2017 Chantal Côté

Chantal Côté

Internal Training Specialist

Ministry Training and Program Development

My Story

CCO had a huge impact on my faith as a university student. Though I was raised in a faithful Catholic family, it was through CCO on campus that I came to see and recognize that Jesus is my saviour and invite Him to be at the centre of my life. CCO also gave me the opportunity to meet other awesome young Catholics on fire for their faith, and encouraged me to share my relationship with Christ with those around me. During my degree, I felt that God was inviting me to work for CCO as a missionary after graduation.

I’ve been working with CCO as a missionary since 2010. Soon, I will be serving in the training department which means I will be training our intern staff. Nothing brings me more joy than to see lives changed for Jesus, people beginning to love the Church, and students gaining the courage to share their faith with others. I’m excited to bring my experience on campus to our new staff and help them grow in their missionary attitudes, skills, and knowledge. I truly believe in our tools and methodology because I have seen first-hand how the Holy Spirit works through them to change lives (including mine)!


Please pray for my husband Jeremy and I, as well as our families, and all those involved in this beautiful ministry. God bless you!

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