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Melissa Mazzocco

Recruitment and Talent Manager

Human Resources

My Story

Jesus is the best part of my life, but I didn’t always feel that way. Growing up Catholic, I always knew ABOUT God, but I didn’t really know HIM. I thought of God as this all-powerful judge watching my every move and keeping score. Because of this I was afraid of him and wanted to keep my distance. I worked hard to earn his approval, hoping to score just enough points to make it into heaven. Thankfully God wasn’t satisfied with this shallow relationship and invited me deeper. During a time of prayer, when I was 19 years old, I sensed God asking me to trust him enough to surrender my life to him. I hesitated, thinking of all the saints who had done this and ended up with much suffering. But then the words of St. Peter came to me from John 6:68 “Lord, To whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life”. I realized in that moment, that surrendering my life to God was the only thing that makes sense. He ‘has the words of eternal life’, to reject him, would be to reject truth, reality and purpose. I was more afraid of a life without purpose than I was of what God might ask of my life if I gave it to him. I gave my ‘Yes!’ to God that day and it started me on an amazing journey. That yes led me to become a missionary with CCO, but the greatest thing that yes led me to was the heart of Jesus. The more I’ve trusted Jesus with my life, the more I’ve seen that the Father is good, that he loves me deeply and personally, and that his grace is sufficient. When Jesus is close there is joy, all I want is for others to know the Love and Joy of Christ!

I have served as a missionary with CCO since 2006. For the first 9 years, I served as a campus missionary and have served in a variety of positions since then. Currently, I am the Recruitment and Talent Manager. It brings me joy to help expand our reach by increasing our capacities through recruitment, and through coordinating our current missionaries to ‘fill the right seat on the bus,’ as they grow professionally and personally.

Being on staff with CCO has grown me in so many ways. I have discovered that, with Christ, you can do far more than you could ever ask or imagine! I have accomplished things I never would have thought I could do. But most importantly, being on staff with CCO has grown my personal relationship with Jesus. The joys and struggles of being a missionary have brought me face to face with the love of Jesus inspiring a greater love for him in return.


The one thing that can always be prayed for is that I will be led, guided, and protected by the Holy Spirit at all times. And that our students will open their hearts and minds to Christ, not keeping Him to themselves, but courageously sharing Him with others.

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