My Story

My faith is a gift that I have received from my parents, which has been passed down through the generations that came before them. So praying and attending Sunday Mass was something I would do as part of my family tradition; which I kept on doing as I immigrated to Canada for my studies. However, I was still lacking in true knowledge of God and had no personal relationship with Jesus. It wasn’t until my 3rd year in university, that I started to question the meaning of my life and my purpose here in this world. Although, I started to look for these answers in the wrong places, Jesus reminded me that I was His and that my life is a gift. Then, I met CCO while seeking an opportunity to deepen my personal relationship with Him and surrender my entire life to Him. CCO reminded me that my true purpose is to fulfill the great commission by making disciples of all nations, just as Jesus Himself commanded. And for me, there is no more honorable purpose than that.

My Mission

I will be serving with CCO on the Events team. This brings me so much joy because it’s during those events that we remind the world that the Church is still alive and breathing. Events are places of encounter with Jesus, where the young adults we serve, are reminded that they matter to Him, they are loved by Him and do not walk alone. These are times of revival, abiding and praise. As someone who has been transformed in those places of encounter, I desire and wish the same for everyone else.

Help Tiffany Make Jesus Known

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